Visitors 2003

Visitors 2003

Released: 2003
Genre: Drama, Horror, Movie, Mystery
Director: Richard Franklin
Starring: Ray Barrett, Susannah York, Radha Mitchell, ,
Run time: 100 min
IMDb: 5/10
Country: Australia
Views: 57899


After six months at sea on an unassisted solo circumnavigation, Georgia Perry’s 44-foot sloop is becalmed for several days. Cabin fever sets in, and the border between fact and fantasy begins to distort. But if these are just tricks of the mind, how do these encounters leave Georgia with physical manifestations?
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User Reviews: i didn’t like this me,it didn’t make much was hard to figure out what was really happening.i also didn’t think it was scary.i did however,think it was silly,even absurd,but not in a good way.Radha Mitchell is the main character in the movie,which cam out in 2003.She was also,coincidently in 2006’s "Silent Hill"which i too i found confusing and pointless."Visitors" isn’t as bad,but i think it is certainly below average.there is just nothing special about it.the script is just too muddled and there are things in the movie which don’t need to be there,in my opinion.I think Radha Mitchell is probably a good actress,if she has more to work vote for "Visitors" is 4/10

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