Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia (2010)

Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia (2010)

Released: 2010
Genre: Documentary, Genre
Starring: Ed Chi, Vint Cerf, Richard Branson, ,
Run time: 85 min
IMDb: 6.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 188429


After viewing this provocative documentary, you will never look at Wikipedia the same way. Filmmakers Scott Glosserman and Nic Hill engagingly explore the history and cultural implications of one of the most traveled and referenced sites on the Internet. A whole range of opinion is expressed about the impact of Wikipedia on the archiving of learning, from interviews with founder Jimmy Wales to commentators suspicious of the site’s supposed neutrality. The documentary delves into the EssJay controversy in which a Wikipedian made false claims about his academic credentials and the battle over journalist John Seigenthaler’s inaccurate entry. Evenhandedly weaving multiple perspectives about the impact of Wikipedia, the film provokes a deeper conversation on how knowledge is formed and what future generations will learn about history and the world.
Written by
The Paley Center For Media
User Reviews: This film provides a clear picture of the motives that drive Wales’ vision, and provide a well-needed platform for critical discussion of Wikipedia, with plenty of screen time given to advocates and dissenters of the project. It’s entertaining and informative, and a good primer for the newbie as to how Wikipedia works, and highlights some of the flaws if addressed, could improve both the project and public perception of it, particularly academic and scholarly perception of it.

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