Tong tian xiao zi gong qiang ke (1980)

Tong tian xiao zi gong qiang ke (1980)

Released: 1980
Genre: Action, Comedy, Genre
Director: Chung Sun
Starring: Lung Wei Wang, Feng Ku, Yue Wong, ,
Run time: 97 min
IMDb: 6.3/10
Country: Hong Kong
Views: 82428


Starring kung-fu comedienne Wang Yu, a kid on a mission of justice, this film features plentiful ripsnorting martial arts by Jackie Chan’s kung-fu classmates Yuen Hua and Yuan Pin, and Shaw Brothers’ best martial arts fighting villain Wang Lung-wei.
User Reviews: Wong Yu loves kung fu and is practicing with his master. There is a new weapon, the sling shot. Master is unhappy with the menu afterwards. At home, his father Ku Feng, expects him to be a scholar. Outside, Wang Lung Wei and Yuen Wah discus the opium shipment then do some kung fu. Wong Yu goes out with his buddies. He shows off his eagle tattoo and fights the snake fist guy. Later he goes to a tea house and gets into a fight with one of the opium gang. Ku Feng discovers his son has been learning kung fu. Yuen Wah kills a guy and Wong Yu is a witness. He runs but they see his eagle tattoo. Wong Yu comes to believe his dad is really a gangster. Shaw Brothers spent some money on some new sets for this movie. Back at the old temple Wong Yu brags and this attracts police attention. Captain meets with Ku Feng. He suspects Wong Yu.

The action director is Tang Chia, aka Tong Kai. This reviewer has praised Liu Chia-Liang aka Lau Kar-Leung many times as the greatest man in the history of martial arts movies. Tang Chia also deserves a mountain of praise. Born in Hong Kong in 1937, or maybe Macau, he became a martial arts student of Yuen Woo-Ping’s father, Yuen Hsiao- Tieng then a martial arts instructor in his own right. His initial work as an action director was alongside Liu Chia-Liang. They both worked at Shaw Brothers then in the 1990s he turned to television just before retiring. He had a prolific career as action director of 189 films and 123 as actor. He was more prolific in the bedroom having two wives at the same time and 20 children. (Yes, this was legal in Hong Kong then.) What a man!

Since I am heaping on the praise, let’s also applaud for Yuen Wah. He began martial arts training at age seven under instructor Yu Jim Yuen and alongside of Sammo Hung, Biao Yuen, and Jackie Chan (who were also about the same age). Jackie, Biao, and Sammo have all said in interviews that none of them were Yuen Wah ‘s match and that in a real fight or any other contest of skill Yuen Wah would beat them all.

I rate this above average and recommend it.

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