The Unmatchable Match (1990)

The Unmatchable Match (1990)

Released: 1990
Genre: Action, Crime, Genre
Director: Parkman Wong
Starring: Vivian Chow, Michael Wai-Man Chan, Stephen Chow, ,
Run time: 98 min
IMDb: 6.1/10
Country: Hong Kong
Views: 68095


Ruthless gangster Guts pulls off a heist of diamonds, then enlists the aid of longtime triad member, Fei, to arrange a buyer for them. But when Guts double crosses the buyer, Fei ends up with the diamonds, wanted by both the cops and Guts.
User Reviews: This movie has undercover cop Stephen Chow trying to catch the bad guy by joining his gang. It’s ultimately a forgettable movie. It’s nice while you watch it – there are a few jokes that are pure Stephen Chow – but those are the only parts worth remembering.

The typical relationship fights and friendships are inevitable, so that takes away some of the fun. You’re waiting for these two people to argue or these two people to become friends, so that that the movie can move on to other things. Otherwise the movie moves along nicely.

It’s not as funny or as entertaining as many of his other movies but it’s still enjoyable. There’s more drama in this movie than many of his other movies, so if you see this be aware of that fact. Relationships are strong in here, as are loyalty and the other usual cop/triad values. Nice watch, but I’d say only if you’re a Stephen Chow fan (or a HUGE Danny Lee fan).

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