The Rachel Maddow Show (TV Series 2008– )

The Rachel Maddow Show (TV Series 2008– )

Genre: Genre, News
Starring: Richard Engel, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, ,
Run time: 60 min
IMDb: 6/10
Country: USA
Views: 156846


Daytime Host of the now-defunct Air America Radio’s liberal talk show host discusses current events, with an emphasis on politics.
User Reviews: Rachel Maddow is brilliant, well educated, very hard working and just a nice person. It shows in all her work. If you want to hear the news that is important she scours all the major news sources for the stories and homes in on the stuff that really matters. Her commentary is erudite and daring. She takes on the B.S. fearlessly and is expert in adding context that shows up deception, spin and hypocrisies. She is humble enough to admit when she is reporting something outside her area of expertise and readily admits it when she makes mistakes. To top it all off she has a goofy-gentle sense of humor that makes the news fun. If all newscasters were as good as her we would live in a country that really would be a shining beacon on the hill.

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