The Medieval Trip (TV Movie 2013)

The Medieval Trip (TV Movie 2013)

Released: 2013
Genre: comedy, Country, Genre, history, hungary
Director: Balázs Jekler
Starring: Attila Müller,
Run time: 53 min
IMDb: 3.4/10
Country: Hungary
Views: 111112


Filmed entirely in Stereoscopic 3D and on location in Hungary, one of the most medieval countries in the world, the Medieval Trip 3D is a joust, a tournament, a banquet , a battle for survival and much more. Experience history as never before with Attila Müller, a brave and possibly foolish actor who has volunteered to travel back in time and try his luck as a visitor from modern times, lost in the dark ages. For a week, Attila will live the Medieval Trip 3D, groveling for gruel and fighting for fortune and glory.
Written by
Young, Scott Alexander

Public on December 30, 2020

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