The Kiyosu Conference (2013)

The Kiyosu Conference (2013)

Released: 2013
Genre: Comedy, Genre, History
Director: Kôki Mitani
Starring: Fumiyo Kohinata, Yô Ôizumi, Kôji Yakusho, ,
Run time: 138 min
IMDb: 6.5/10
Country: Japan
Views: 119484


After the forced suicide of Nobunaga Oda at the Incident at Honno-ji, powerful figures Katsuie Shibata, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Nagahide Niwa and Tsuneoki Ikeda meet to decide on a successor. The conference would become Japan’s first group made political decision. The meeting was known as the Kiyosu Kaigi.
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User Reviews: …seems that the other members like comedies or did not have enough exposure to great classical films; anyway, in my opinion, this movie is a bit long. The start is very good, settle all what s going with a good pace and the computer generated effects are well done not over done like with Hollywood movies. Colors are very nice; photography is OK; so the production have enough budget to make it possible. The plot takes some historical characters and facts but then goes it s ways, so it s not truly faithful of whats really occurred. It s kind of a comedy so the "lightness" of some dialogues and acting is there; but in reality you never know how really people was Centuries ago… we use to put or let modern society aspects (moods, expressions, protocols, etc) to these recreated movies and for me that s an error. Also there s a nod to the great Mifune by the side of one of the main characters and to Morricone s music and others. Most actors are recognized ones.


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