The House on Pine Street (2015)

The House on Pine Street (2015)

Released: 2015
Genre: Drama, Genre, Horror
Starring: Cathy Barnett, Taylor Bottles, Emily Goss, ,
Run time: 111 min
IMDb: 5.2/10
Country: USA
Views: 97052


Seven months pregnant, Jennifer Branagan reluctantly returns to her hometown in Kansas after an unexpected mental breakdown. Coping with her fears of motherhood, a strained relationship with her husband, Luke, and the overbearing presence of her own mother, Meredith, Jennifer struggles to regain control of her life. But when strange things start happening in their rental home, Jennifer begins to fear that it may be haunted. Alone in her convictions, Jennifer is forced to question her sanity as she attempts to find out what, if anything, is plaguing the house.
User Reviews: Jump to the last 3 lines! the rest of this is dribble that IMDb wants us to put in as if its going to make a difference!

I LIKE the part of the movie where if you weren’t watching it would have you thinking of the last part where they tried to write 10 lines of dribble but in this case the last frame was what I expected while others might of though that posts have NO life so IMDb makes us write 10 lines of dribble.

Don’t stop me I’m still trying to write dribble dribble dribble.

My pet peeves are long drown out reviews from credits wannabe’s and this site forces you to put in more then 10 lines which is totally ridiculous!

My review is the last 3 lines so skip over all the BS that IMDb makes you dribble in as if we have no life and really care about others.

Everyone knows that there are very few horror/thriller movies made that are 10’s so with that being said I look for quality in filming and this one is above average. IMHO its well worth the watch

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