The 7th Day (2004)

The 7th Day (2004)

Released: 2004
Genre: Crime, Drama, Genre, Horror
Director: Carlos Saura
Starring: Yohana Cobo, Eulàlia Ramon, José Garcia, ,
Run time: 96 min
IMDb: 6.7/10
Country: Spain
Views: 151106


In an isolated village in Extremadura (Spain), the Jiménez and Fuentes families have a violent history of land disputes, jealousy, envy, and violence.
User Reviews: I love "La caza" (1965), and "Deprisa deprisa" (1980), both winners of the Berlin Silver Bear. I also did like, in a lesser degree, "Los golfos" (1959) and "Ana y los lobos" (1972). But this?… If it had been directed by someone else, fine. But Saura?… I still remember the real events back in 1990 which were the basis for this film. I was 17 at the time, and it made front pages for days: la Espana profunda (deep old Spain) with its feud crimes and revenges, hot blood genes, anger, jealousy, a hot climate to help things boil up… you name it. It’s the Latin character all right. In the deep Extremadura countryside two brothers armed with shotguns one day walked into the village and began firing shots at random, sparing absolutely no one. Men, women, children… they all fell dead under the barrage. That night the whole of Spain was in total shock: what was the cause for this senseless slaughter? What was the motive?… Only the two killers had the answer. I watched this recreation of the events last night for the first time. It looks like a film that could have just been made by anyone: documentary style with modern trendy camera pans, too many close-ups, a sepia-like visual texture… just MTV video-like. Absolutely awful. And to be honest, the good characters are so irritating, such pain-in-the-arse morons that I feel more sympathy for the killers instead. Those three young girls are so ****** ANNOYING!! The two killers almost have an excuse to want to wipe them out of the map, really.

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