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Gone Shopping (2007) 6.7

Gone Shopping (2007)

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Storyline:A satirical drama about how a nation's obsession with shopping changes the course of one woman's life. Clara, a forty year old 'tai tai' (wealthy lady of leisure) faces a mid life crisis and decides to runaw...

18 Grams of Love (2007) 7.9

18 Grams of Love (2007)

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Storyline:Two men write anonymous love letters to test if their wives are faithful. When their wives actually respond, the two men are left in a fix of what to do.User Reviews: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse p...

Geico That’s Amazing Aliens (TV Movie 2007)

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Storyline:User Reviews: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Steel Trap (2007) 4.3

Steel Trap (2007)

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Storyline:A who-is-it setting in the claustrophobic corridors of an abandoned and locked-off office building that has several guests invited to a party by their mysterious, unknown host. Only it is they who are the vi...

The Savages (2007) 7.1

The Savages (2007)

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Storyline:Jon and Wendy Savage are two siblings who have spent their adult years trying to recover from the abuse of their abusive father, Lenny Savage. Suddenly, a call comes in that his girlfriend has died, he canno...

Three Kims (2007) 6.2

Three Kims (2007)

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Storyline:Set in a small rural town, two not-so-competent martial arts masters are rivals who work in the same building. The two masters compete over students as well as local beauty Yeon-Sil. While their rivalry rage...

Fire Serpent (TV Movie 2007) 3.4

Fire Serpent (TV Movie 2007)

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Storyline:Alien creatures emerge from the sun and attack Earth.User Reviews: Awful film.This picture looks like the makers discovered they hardly had any budget and certainly no talent in any aspect. So they found the...

Trumbo (2007) 7.4

Trumbo (2007)

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Storyline:Through a focus on the life of Dalton Trumbo (1905-1976), this film examines the effects on individuals and families of a congressional pursuit of Hollywood Communists after World War II. Trumbo was one of s...

Closing the Ring (2007) 6.5

Closing the Ring (2007)

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Storyline:Three intertwined stories of lost and unspoken love and the resulting secrets are presented. In one, which begins in 1941 Branagan, Michigan, twenty-one year old Ethel Ann socializes primarily with three mal...

Invisible Target (2007) 6.7

Invisible Target (2007)

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Storyline:Three cops team up to bring down a criminal gang of seven, who have their own hidden agenda.User Reviews: Some spectacular action scenes, i miss old style Hongkong action movies. So much grit and realism, no...

The Last Continent (2007) 6.8

The Last Continent (2007)

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Storyline:Narrated by Donald Sutherland, this thrilling, feature-length documentary chronicles the brave group of scientists on board the Sedna IV as they explore the Earth's most fascinating and isolated continent.Us...

Decadent Evil II (Video 2007) 3.8

Decadent Evil II (Video 2007)

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Storyline:Sweet vampire Sugar and her human boyfriend Dex travel with Marvin homunculous to revive Marvin's dead son, a vampire hunter Ivan Burroughs with life-giving blood of the King Vampire.User Reviews: Utterly po...

Blackwater (2007) 3.5

Blackwater (2007)

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Storyline:Four big-city girlfriends on an adventure vacation in the Florida Everglades look forward to fun and excitement in one of the world's most legendary wilds.But what begins as the annual girls getaway they'll ...

Nightwatching (2007) 6.5

Nightwatching (2007)

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Storyline:The year 1642 marks the turning point in the life of the famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt, turning him from a wealthy respected celebrity into a discredited pauper. At the insistence of his pregnant wife Sask...

Moonlight & Magic (2007) 7.8

Moonlight & Magic (2007)

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Storyline:On the 15th of January 2005, two homeless punks commenced a whirlwind spree of bizarre crimes throughout regional Victoria in Australia. They held up op shops and milk bars, abducted nudists and delinquents,...

Broken English (2007) 6.4

Broken English (2007)

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Storyline:Nora Wilder is freaking out. Everyone around her is in a relationship, is married, or has children. Nora is in her thirties, alone with job she's outgrown and a mother who constantly reminds her of it all. N...

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007) 7.9

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007)

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Storyline:Romania, 1987, the brutal Ceausescu communist regime is in place; birth control is illegal and abortion is a crime punishable by death. Gabita (Laura Vasliu) is almost five months into an unwanted pregnancy ...

Post Mortem (TV Movie 2007) 4.7

Post Mortem (TV Movie 2007)

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Storyline:Mackenzie, an attractive and intelligent law student, is besieged by visions of murders she did not commit.User Reviews: **SPOILERS** Too overly plotted to really get a grip on "I Know What I Saw" ...

Moving McAllister (2007) 5.3

Moving McAllister (2007)

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Storyline:Rick Robinson is a ladder-climbing law intern from Miami with four days until the Bar Exam. Desperate to score points with his boss (McAllister), he commits to a favor he can't afford. He ends up in a rundow...

Confessions of a Superhero (2007) 7.1

Confessions of a Superhero (2007)

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Storyline:"Confessions of a Superhero" chronicles the lives of four mortal men and women who work as characters on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard. This feature length documentary explores the fascination, obsess...

I Am Legend (2007) 7.2

I Am Legend (2007)

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Storyline:Robert Neville is a scientist who was unable to stop the spread of the terrible virus that was incurable and man-made. Immune, Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City and perh...

The Brothers Warner (TV Movie 2007) 7.3

The Brothers Warner (TV Movie 2007)

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Storyline:Intimate portraits of brothers Albert Warner, Harry M. Warner, Jack L. Warner, and Sam Warner, the siblings who were close knit at the time of Warner Bros. Studios founding, but who later became estranged. T...

Glasses (2007) 6.7

Glasses (2007)

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Storyline:Taeko is a stressed career woman who leaves her life in the city for an island vacation. The vacation does not become what she expected as everyone on the island is strange.User Reviews: This film is the fol...

The Living Wake (2007) 6.4

The Living Wake (2007)

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Storyline:A dark comedy which chronicles the final day in the life of self-proclaimed artist and genius, K. Roth Binew. Binew is a dreamer who elevates his drab and somewhat pitiful existence into a personal mythology...

All I Want for Christmas (TV Movie 2007) 5.7

All I Want for Christmas (TV Movie 2007)

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Storyline:Anxious to help his struggling, widowed mom SARA, 10 year old JESSIE enters a national video contest. But Jessie's winning entry, "All I Want for Christmas is a Husband for my Mom," has unforeseen consequenc...

Mosaic (Video 2007) 6.1

Mosaic (Video 2007)

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Storyline:A break-in and murder at a New York City museum sparks an investigation by Interpol Agent Nathan Nelson. When he finds an ancient artifact at the crime scene, Nelson takes it home to conduct more research. A...

A Dennis the Menace Christmas (Video 2007) 4.8

A Dennis the Menace Christmas (Video 2007)

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Storyline:The neighbourhood's lively six-year-old, Dennis Mitchell, dreams of finally getting a brand-new bicycle for Christmas since he's been so good throughout the year. To make sure that his beloved next-door neig...

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag: Journey of a Woman (2007) 5.3

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag: Journey of a Woman (2007)

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Storyline:When a small town girl Badki (Rani Mukerji) from Banaras lands in the big bad city of Mumbai to earn an honest living for her family back home - things don't go exactly as she hoped. When her kid sister Chut...

Partition (2007) 6.9

Partition (2007)

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Storyline:Gian Singh & Avtar Singh are officers with the Indian Army serving under the command of Andrew Stilwell, who lives with his sister, Margaret, in Delhi. During 1941 the trio are dispatched to active duty ...

Taxi to the Dark Side (2007) 7.5

Taxi to the Dark Side (2007)

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Storyline:Using the torture and death in 2002 of an innocent Afghan taxi driver as the touchstone, this film examines changes after 9/11 in U.S. policy toward suspects in the war on terror. Soldiers, their attorneys, ...