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Mean Machine (2001) 6.5

Mean Machine (2001)

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Storyline:Disgraced ex-England captain (Danny 'Mean Machine' Meehan) is thrown in jail for assaulting two police officers. Whilst in jail, he doesn't recieve any favours because of his celebrity status in the outside ...

All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001) 7.6

All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001)

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Storyline:Life isn't easy for a group of high school kids growing up absurd in Japan's pervasive pop/cyber culture. As they negotiate teen badlands- school bullies, parents from another planet, lurid snapshots of sex ...

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001) 7.6

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

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Storyline:This is the tale of Harry Potter, an ordinary 11-year-old boy serving as a sort of slave for his aunt and uncle who learns that he is actually a wizard and has been invited to attend the Hogwarts School for ...

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001) 5.9

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001)

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Storyline:In 1941, Italy allies with Germany and ruthlessly conquers the much weaker country of Greece. On a remote Greek island, an Italian artillery garrison is established to maintain order. One Italian officer, Ca...

Driven (2001) 4.6

Driven (2001)

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Storyline:Talented rookie race-car driver Jimmy Bly has started losing his focus and begins to slip in the race rankings. It's no wonder, with the immense pressure being shoveled on him by his overly ambitious promote...

The Tailor of Panama (2001) 6.1

The Tailor of Panama (2001)

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Storyline:Women have been MI.6. agent Andy Osnard's weakness. As punishment for being caught sleeping with the wrong woman on his last posting in Spain, Andy is relegated to the global backwater of Panama as his next ...

Pearl Harbor (2001) 6.2

Pearl Harbor (2001)

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Storyline:Pearl Harbor is a classic tale of romance set during a war that complicates everything. It all starts when childhood friends Rafe and Danny become Army Air Corps pilots and meet Evelyn, a Navy nurse. Rafe fa...

Enigma (2001) 6.4

Enigma (2001)

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Storyline:During the heart of World War II, in March of 1943, cryptoanalysts at Britain's code-breaking center have discovered to their horror that Nazi U-boats have changed their Enigma Code. Authorities enlist the h...

Kate & Leopold (2001) 6.4

Kate & Leopold (2001)

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Storyline:Kate and her actor brother live in N.Y. in the 21st Century. Her ex-boyfriend, Stuart, lives above her apartment. Stuart finds a space near the Brooklyn Bridge where there is a gap in time. He goes back to t...

Snow White: The Fairest of Them All (TV Movie 2001) 5.8

Snow White: The Fairest of Them All (TV Movie 2001)

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Storyline:Born from a drop of blood in a flutter of apple blossoms, and framed in ebony, a young girl named Snow White becomes the blessing of a loving peasant couple, John and Josephine. But with her birth comes a cu...

Black Knight (2001) 4.9

Black Knight (2001)

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Storyline:This is the story an amusement park employee named Jamal Walker who is magically transported back to medieval times in 14th-century England. There, Jamal meets Sir Knolte, a dissolute knight, before he stumb...

What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (2001) 5.5

What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (2001)

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Storyline:Thief Kevin Caffery attempts to rob from the home of rich businessman Max Fairbanks. But Fairbanks catches him and steals his cherished ring that his girlfriend gave him. Caffery is then bent on revenge and ...

Just Visiting (2001) 5.8

Just Visiting (2001)

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Storyline:A knight and his valet are plagued by a witch, and to repair the damage, they make use of the services of a wizard. However, something goes wrong and they are transported from the twelfth century to the year...

Bandits (2001) 6.5

Bandits (2001)

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Storyline:Two convicts, one charismatic (Willis) and the other a hypochondriac (Thornton), break out of prison and immediately start a bank robbing spree, kidnapping bank managers, spending the night with their famili...

Monster’s Ball (2001) 7.1

Monster’s Ball (2001)

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Storyline:Set in the Southern United States, 'Monster's Ball' is a tale of a racist white man, Hank, who falls in love with a black woman named Leticia. Ironically Hank is a prison guard working on Death Row who execu...

American Pie 2 (2001) 6.4

American Pie 2 (2001)

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Storyline:The whole gang are back and as close as ever. They decide to get even closer by spending the summer together at a beach house. They decide to hold the biggest party ever to be seen, even if the preparation d...

15 Minutes (2001) 6.1

15 Minutes (2001)

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Storyline:When Eastern European criminals Oleg and Emil come to New York City to pick up their share of a heist score, Oleg steals a video camera and starts filming their activities, both legal and illegal. When they ...

Heartbreakers (2001) 6.2

Heartbreakers (2001)

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Storyline:Max and Page are a mother and daughter con team. Max seduces wealthy men into marrying her, then Page seduces them into infidelity so Max can rake them over the divorce court coals. And then it's on to the n...

Wet Hot American Summer (2001) 6.6

Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

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Storyline:The setting is Camp Firewood, the year 1981. It's the last day before everyone goes back to the real world, but there's still a summer's worth of unfinished business to resolve. At the center of the action i...

Frailty (2001) 7.3

Frailty (2001)

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Storyline:FBI agent Wesley Doyle is startled by the declaration of youngster Fenton Meiks about how his father's delusions required him and his brother, Adam to become his 'demon-slaying' murder accomplices. But when ...

Kissing Jessica Stein (2001) 6.6

Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)

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Storyline:Jessica Stein is a single, straight, successful, journalist, part of a bonded Jewish family living in New York City, who finds herself not as straight as she thought when Jessica meets and begins an intense ...

Ghost World (2001) 7.4

Ghost World (2001)

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Storyline:Enid and Rebecca after they finish the high school. Both have problems relating to people and they spend their time hanging around and bothering creeps. When they meet Seymour who is a social outsider who lo...

Rock Star (2001) 6.3

Rock Star (2001)

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Storyline:Chris Cole was born to rock. His longtime girlfriend Emily believes his talent could take him all the way - but Chris worships at the altar of Bobby Beers, the fiery frontman for heavy metal legends Steel Dr...

Jason X (2001) 4.4

Jason X (2001)

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Storyline:In the Year 2008, Jason Vorhees is cryogenically frozen in a Government Facility in Camp Crystal Lake, along with scientist Rowan. Many centuries later, in the year 2455, Earth is uninhabitable, and humans h...

Joy Ride (2001) 6.6

Joy Ride (2001)

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Storyline:College student Lewis decides to drive across the country to see Venna, a friend who doesn't know that Lewis is interested in her romantically. Unfortunately for his plans, Lewis gets saddled with his raucou...

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) 6.8

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

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Storyline:Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a tale of adventure on the open road. When Dante and Randal (of Clerks fame) get a restraining order to keep the punchy Jay and his hetero life-mate, Silent Bob, from sellin...

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) 6.4

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

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Storyline:In the year 2065, the next great assault against an invading race of phantom-like aliens is about to be launched. Dr. Aki Ross, a brilliant young scientist, races to find the invaders' secrets, not only to s...

Blow (2001) 7.6

Blow (2001)

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Storyline:A boy named George Jung grows up in a struggling family in the 1950's. His mother nags at her husband as he is trying to make a living for the family. It is finally revealed that George's father cannot make ...

Spy Kids (2001) 5.5

Spy Kids (2001)

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Storyline:Gregorio and Ingrid are the two greatest secret agents the world has ever known: masters of disguise, mavens of invention, able to stop wars before they even start. Working for separate countries, they are s...

Legally Blonde (2001) 6.3

Legally Blonde (2001)

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Storyline:Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) has it all. She's the president of her sorority, a Hawaiian Tropic girl, Miss June in her campus calendar, and, above all, a natural blonde. She dates the cutest fraternity boy...