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Dudley Do-Right (1999) 3.9

Dudley Do-Right (1999)

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Storyline:Based on the 60's-era cartoon of the same name. Royal Canadian Mountie Dudley Do-right is busy keeping the peace in his small mountain town when his old rival, Snidely Whiplash, comes up with a plot to buy a...

Anywhere But Here (1999) 6.2

Anywhere But Here (1999)

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Storyline:Fed up with her small-town Bay City existence, Adele August leaves her family and second husband and heads for Beverley Hills with her daughter. The teenager resents the move and her mother's always flamboya...

Outside Providence (1999) 6.4

Outside Providence (1999)

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Storyline:A boy from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, caught up in the drug scene of the mid-70s, gets in trouble one too many times with the law. To stave off a jail term, his father arranges for him to be placed into a prep...

Godzilla 2000 (1999) 6.1

Godzilla 2000 (1999)

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Storyline:Godzilla returns in a brand-new movie that ignores all preceding movies except for the original with a brand new look and a powered up atomic ray. This time he battles a mysterious UFO that later transforms ...

Beyond the Mat (1999) 7.6

Beyond the Mat (1999)

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Storyline:This documentary focuses on the lives of professional wrestlers Terry Funk, Mick Foley (Mankind), Jake Roberts (Jake the Snake) and Darren Drozdov (Droz). As the film progresses, the story of their lives unf...

Friends & Lovers (1999) 4.5

Friends & Lovers (1999)

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Storyline:Friends for ten years, a group of twenty-somethings head for the ski slopes as guests of Ian's father. (Ian and dad are estranged because dad worked too many hours when Ian was a lad.) Dad has something to s...

The Limey (1999) 7

The Limey (1999)

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Storyline:An ex-con, fresh out of prison, goes to L.A. to try to learn who murdered his daughter. However, he quickly finds that he is completely out of place with no understanding of the culture he finds. His investi...

Bats (1999) 3.9

Bats (1999)

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Storyline:Bats, the result of a government experiment gone wrong, have suddenly become intelligent, vicious, and omnivorous, and are attacking people near Gallup, Texas. Bat specialist Sheila Casper and her assistant ...

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) 5.7

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999)

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Storyline:Deuce Bigalow is a less than attractive, down on his luck aquarium cleaner. One day he runs into a male gigolo who asks him to look after his precious fish while he is away on business. However, he wrecks th...

Tea with Mussolini (1999) 6.9

Tea with Mussolini (1999)

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Storyline:In 1935 a group of elderly British women, whom the Italians have named the Scorpioni, have chosen Italy, specifically Florence, as a place to live to blend their proper British sensibilities with their love ...

Beowulf (1999) 4.1

Beowulf (1999)

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Storyline:This post-apocalyptic future story is based on the 8th century Saxon epic poem about the knight who battled a monster in a medieval castle. In this story, Beowulf is a wanderer who learns about a man-eating ...

Mickey Blue Eyes (1999) 5.8

Mickey Blue Eyes (1999)

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Storyline:An art-house auctioneer finds himself getting in deeper and deeper with the mob after learning that his teacher girlfriend is the daughter of a major mobster. Things get worse when a godfather decides to lau...

Snow Falling on Cedars (1999) 6.7

Snow Falling on Cedars (1999)

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Storyline:It's 1950 on San Pedro Island in the American Pacific Northwest. Commercial fisher Carl Heine Jr.'s dead body is pulled out of the water in a fishing net by his crew, he who died of head trauma. Kazuo Miyamo...

El Valley Centro (1999) 7.3

El Valley Centro (1999)

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Storyline:Employing natural sound and contemplative proscenium shots, Benning skillfully composes a series of pure and majestic images that at once evoke a sense of nostalgic splendor as well as deliver a subtle, yet ...

Guinevere (1999) 6

Guinevere (1999)

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Storyline:Connie, an aging Bohemian photographer, meets mousy Harper, headed for Harvard Law from a high-powered San Francisco family, and immediately sees her beauty. He also guesses she has talent and invites her to...

Liberty Heights (1999) 7

Liberty Heights (1999)

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Storyline:Anti-Semitism, race relations, coming of age, and fathers and sons: in Baltimore from fall, 1954, to fall, 1955. Racial integration comes to the high school, TV is killing burlesque, and rock and roll is pus...

The Legend of Speed (1999) 6.1

The Legend of Speed (1999)

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Storyline:Sky.. is a street racer. Who would like to follow his father's steps to becoming a street racing god.User Reviews: I loved this movie. I didn't know anything about it before I started watching it, but decide...

The Blair Witch Project (1999) 6.5

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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Storyline:Three film students travel to Maryland to make a student film about a local urban legend... The Blair Witch. The three went into the woods on a two day hike to find the Blair Witch, and never came back. One ...

Jesus’ Son (1999) 6.9

Jesus’ Son (1999)

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Storyline:A gentle and usually mellow young man, who sometimes knows things before they happen and gets vibes of premonition, tell us his story: how he met Michelle in Iowa in 1971, how he got the name Fuckhead, how s...

Crazy in Alabama (1999) 6.2

Crazy in Alabama (1999)

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Storyline:A backwoods Alabama boy named Peejoe -short for Peter Joseph- gets a quick education in grown-up matters like freedom in 1965. The catalyst is an unlikely source - his glamorous, eccentric Aunt Lucille, who ...

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (1999) 6

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (1999)

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Storyline:Jimmy Neutron is a boy genius and way ahead of his friends, but when it comes to being cool, he's a little behind. All until one day when his parents, and parents all over Earth are kidnapped by aliens, it's...

Ferdinando e Carolina (1999) 6

Ferdinando e Carolina (1999)

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Storyline:On his death bed in the 1820s, King Ferdinando I of Naples tries to escape the ghosts of his bloody kingship by remembering his younger days, when he was allowed to go hunting and have fun, and inventing lov...

Felicia’s Journey (1999) 7

Felicia’s Journey (1999)

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Storyline:A lonely middle-aged catering manager spends all of his time studying tapes of an eccentric TV chef. Meanwhile, a young woman is making her way from Ireland to find her boyfriend, who moved to England to get...

Three to Tango (1999) 6

Three to Tango (1999)

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Storyline:A rich businessman, Dylan McDermott, mistakenly believes that Matthew Perry, who is bidding on a $90 million restoration contract, is gay and asks him to keep tabs on his mistress, Neve Campbell. Perry, who ...

Seven Girlfriends (1999) 5.8

Seven Girlfriends (1999)

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Storyline:Jesse is charming, romantic, and he knows how to pop the question; he just can't face marriage. So, when he and Hannah split up during the same week that a former fiancée dies, he decides to figure things ou...

Pushing Tin (1999) 6

Pushing Tin (1999)

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Storyline:Nick and the other boys (and Vicki Lewis) working the hotspot of air traffic control in New York are impressed with themselves, to say the least. They thrive on the no-room-for-error, fast-paced job and let ...

Jakob the Liar (1999) 6.6

Jakob the Liar (1999)

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Storyline:In 1944 Poland, a Jewish shop keeper named Jakob is summoned to ghetto headquarters after being caught out near curfew. While waiting for the German Kommondant, Jakob overhears a German radio broadcast about...

My Favorite Martian (1999) 5

My Favorite Martian (1999)

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Storyline:Life couldn't get much worse for News Producer Tim O'Hara. He humiliates the one he loves, Brace Channing and ends up getting fired by her father. Then, a Martian from Mars arrives in his home. The Martian a...

Mystery, Alaska (1999) 6.7

Mystery, Alaska (1999)

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Storyline:When Mystery, Alaska's (amateur) hockey team accepts a challenge to play the New York Rangers, the entire population must put their petty differences aside, and band together, as their small town becomes the...

East Is East (1999) 6.9

East Is East (1999)

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Storyline:In 1971 Salford fish-and-chip shop owner George Khan expects his family to follow his strict Pakistani Muslim ways. But his children, with an English mother and having been born and brought up in Britain, in...