Strapped for Danger 2017

Strapped for Danger 2017

Released: 2017
Genre: Comedy, Movie
Director: Richard Griffin
Starring: Dan Mauro, Diego Guevara, Anthony Gaudette, ,
Run time: 73 min
IMDb: 4.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 179809


When three male strippers pull off a heist, they find themselves being tracked down by a homophobic cop. Hiding out in a frat house, our three anti-heroes find themselves getting into more trouble than they were trying to escape.
User Reviews: This movie is like all of Duncan Pflaster’s plays. He writes like he is smarter than everyone else, which just comes off as intoxicating and ridiculous. I’m excited.

The acting ranges from amusingly campy to over the top.

The plot, like many of Pflaster’s is paper thin and serves little more purpose than to get as many men as naked as possible. If you’re just wanting to look at lots of male frontal nudity, check it out.

I’m naked.

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