Slasher House (2012)

Slasher House (2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: Genre, Horror
Director: Mj Dixon
Starring: Wellington Grosvenor, Adam Dillon, Eleanor James, ,
Run time: 92 min
IMDb: 3.6/10
Country: UK
Views: 173150


When RED awakens in a prison cell within an old abandoned Madhouse, she has no idea how she got there and why she has been placed there. As her cell door opens she soon discovers that she is not alone. Trapped with the worlds most notorious serial killers she finds herself caught in a deadly game with no escape as one by one the other ‘inmates’ are released to stalk her as their own prey. RED must now battle impossible enemies as she tries to find her freedom and soon realizes that there is a bigger plan for all this than she first realized. Will this ‘Final’ girl have what it takes? Or will she see the last of her days in the endless corridors of SLASHER HOUSE!
Written by
Mycho EG
User Reviews: A naked chick, Red (Eleanor James), wakes up in a locked cell with no recollection of how she got there or who she is. When her cell door is electronically unlocked, she finds post-it notes instructing her what to do. She is not at all perturbed by the fact that everything is green with just an occasional splash of red. She puts on a dress, finds a weapon inside a fridge, and wanders around a bit until she discovers someone else locked in a cell: a young man called Nathan (Adam Dillon). Everything is still green and red.

While Red is trying to free Nathan, a homicidal clown called Cleaver (Andrew M. Greenwood) makes an appearance and the pair are forced to defend themselves. Cleaver is just the first of several psychos to be released over a period of time. Why are they there, who is controlling the ‘game’, and who will make it out alive? These questions and more will be answered by the end of the film, although why everything is green and red remains a mystery.

With such a generic title, I wasn’t expecting much from Slasher House other than a whole lot of gore; sadly, it didn’t even deliver much of that. What we do get is a badly written, poorly acted mess that only displays a modicum of innovation in it’s closing moments, when it builds a mythos around the central character that proves rather intriguing. The remainder of the film is dull and derivative, the film’s opening being little bit Cube and a little bit Saw, but with none of either film’s scares or tension, while the stark colour scheme is straight out of an Argento film, but rather than being used sparingly and with consideration, the effect is clumsily splashed over virtually every scene and soon becomes extremely irritating (while ruining what gore there is).

And call me pedantic, but I also have a problem with the scene where one of the killers is pushed into an electric chair and fried with the throw of a switch: in a real electrocution, the whole chair isn’t carrying the current—the process requires the application of moist electrodes to the head (via a metal skullcap) and the leg.


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