Shang Hai huang di zhi: Xiong ba tian xia (1993)

Shang Hai huang di zhi: Xiong ba tian xia (1993)

Released: 1993
Genre: Crime, Drama, Genre, Mystery
Director: Man Kit Poon
Starring: Carina Lau, Kent Cheng, Ray Lui, ,
Run time: 104 min
IMDb: 7.1/10
Country: Hong Kong
Views: 59500


The continuing saga of the life of one of the most powerful men in China in the first half of the 20th Century. By the late 1920’s, Luk has established himself as the overlord of Shanghai; a player in politics, business, and the huge underworld. But his generosity begins to strain his finances. Pondering his future, he decides to make a strong commitment to the country, opting for high society over getting high. But the 1937 attack by the Japanese on Shanghai throws both Luk and his country into turmoil. Luk is forced to flee to Hong Kong. He returns after the war, but finds the new Nationalist government isn’t very accommodating. As China begins its transition to Communist rule, Luk sadly realizes he is heading towards oblivion.
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User Reviews: This should be the best (personal) epic film in the Chinese film circle. (The other is its last episode)
I personally like this movie series far more than the old movie "The Godfather" series.
I recommend that before watching a movie, it is best to find the "Du Yuesheng" entry on Wikipedia first. And it’s best to know it through Chinese wiki entries (automatic translation).


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