Serial Kaller 2014

Serial Kaller 2014

Released: 2014
Genre: Horror, Movie
Director: Dan Brownlie
Starring: Suzi Lorraine, Dani Thompson, Debbie Rochon, ,
Run time: 95 min
IMDb: 3.5/10
Country: UK
Views: 131350


A group of beautiful Internet models are trapped inside their recording studio and hunted down by a mentally unstable fan they insulted live on the air. Now the girls must join together to escape and face their murderous stalker, or be picked off one by one. Beauty may only be skin deep, but revenge cuts to the bone.
User Reviews: Any resemblance between "Serial Kaller" and what you might call a "movie," "film," or "artifact of of culture" is simply accidental. The negative, if there is one, would be of better benefit to mankind if it were melted down and used to create soles for shoes given to underprivileged children. During the production of this "thing" all conventions that have been established over the last century by filmmakers were ignored entirely, with the exception of one. Someone did apparently aim the recording device at people who were talking for some reason. I daresay more engaging results might have been achieved if it had been aimed elsewhere, such as a blank wall or maybe some passing traffic, but alas, this was not the case.

I lament the fact that so many films have been lost over the years, especially silent movies that were produced before 1929. Their availability might have given us some insight into aspects of the human condition that perhaps we are unaware of, or at least provide us with a peek at someone else’s viewpoint in both a literal and figurative sense. More’s the pity that "Serial Kaller" refuses to join the aforementioned unrecoverable motion pictures.


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