Roller Boogie 1979

Roller Boogie 1979

Released: 1979
Genre: Drama, Movie, Music
Director: Mark L. Lester
Starring: Beverly Garland, Jim Bray, Linda Blair, ,
Run time: 103 min
IMDb: 4.5/10
Country: USA
Views: 180993


Beyond ensuring that she makes it into Julliard as a flautist for the upcoming fall term, wealthy Lillian and Roger Barkley largely neglect their teenaged daughter, Terry Barkley. Although Terry doesn’t try to hide the facts from them, her parents have no idea that she hates the flute and the associated music, has no desire to attend Julliard, and spends all her time on the proverbial wrong side of the tracks with her friend Lana roller skating on the Venice Beach boardwalk with the legions of other roller skaters. There, she attracts the attention of Bobby James, the hotshot skater who rightly believes he is headed to the next Olympics. Terry initially rebuffs Bobby’s advances, until she asks him to teach her how to dance so that they can compete in the upcoming roller boogie contest at Jammer’s, the local skating rink owned by Jammer Delaney, a former roller derby star. Terry and Bobby’s relationship eventually becomes more than just about skating. But the roller boogie contest and …
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User Reviews: I have seen this movie dozens of times and rate it as one of the best cult movies ever made. Great soundtrack featuring a song by Cher. A must see for fans of the late seventies. Linda Blair is a rebellious rich kid who falls in love with an ambitious, poor street skater. Together they thwart a mafia plan to close the local skating rink where a skating competition is going to be held. Amazing skating sequences featuring Venice Beach locals doing their thing. Hilarious and completely unbelievable street chase scene with limos vs. skaters…must see it to believe it. I was especially impressed with the performance of Jim Bray, who plays Linda Blair’s love interest. Bray was cast because he was an actual champion skater of his day and he did admirably well in his acting debut. Not only is he an amazing skater but also comes off with an honest and believable acting style and he will remind any 30 something of someone they knew in highschool. The plot may be predictable and the dialog is somewhat canned and badly edited, but this movie captures that carefree, feel good era that has long gone by.

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