Radio 2003

Radio 2003

Released: 2003
Genre: Biography, Drama, Movie, Sport
Director: Michael Tollin
Starring: Debra Winger, Ed Harris, Cuba Gooding Jr., ,
Run time: 109 min
IMDb: 6.9/10
Country: USA
Views: 70170


Set in 1976, real life Coach Jones befriends mentally disabled black student, Radio. They then form a friendship and bond over the football season. Though things take a turn for the worst when certain fans and parents feel that Radio is a distraction, and is getting in the way of the team succeeding.
User Reviews: OK, first I’ll say that yes, the whole movie felt a little like a simple

Hallmark channel film. The characters’ roles were painfully easy

to read (i.e.- that banker guy was the obligatory anti-"Radio"

element and Coach Jones’ relationship problems with his

daughter were brutally obvious).

BUT having said that (and I’m sure I could bag on more of it), let’s

hope that children see this film. It’s simplicity helps to make it

easy to follow for them. Somewhere in the middle of all the junk

that today’s kids see… whether through videogames or some

godawful movie like "Torque" or "Fast and the Furious"(and I don’t

knock this stuff because of cussing or violence… they are just real

mindless pieces of garbage)… it is glorious to know that a warm

film like "RADIO" is out there for them.

If we could all help and care about others the way that Coach

Jones did for "RADIO", what a beautiful world it would indeed be.

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