Pokémon the Movie: Destiny Deoxys (2004)

Pokémon the Movie: Destiny Deoxys (2004)

Released: 2004
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Genre
Starring: Amy Birnbaum, Eric Stuart, Veronica Taylor, ,
Run time: 98 min
IMDb: 6.1/10
Country: Japan
Views: 73555


A comet bearing a deadly Pokemon creature crash-lands onto Earth, terrorising a nearby high-tech city, where Ash, Pikachu and friends are currently visiting…
User Reviews: Well, this movie, in summation, is another 1 hour waste of my time. The movie had absolutely no guidelines, and starts out in total confusion. The ninth movie in the series follows a Pokemon named Deoxys. Supposedly, it is from outer space and comes to earth looking for its friend. Of course, it has to kill or capture every single thing in its way. The infamous Team Rocket is also in this, but their role is very minute and does not have any purpose. They are captured in the beginning and spend the entirety of the film in a prison. May, the fill-in for Misty has a admirer named Sid, who obviously, she does not like "that way". Ash goes to this Battle Tower and meets a child named Tory, who has a fear of Pokemon due to prior experiences. They are teamed up in a double duel and lose which causes Ash to become upset and Tory to run away. This movie is no different than any of the others. They all involved a gigantic Pokemon set on destroying the world, when in fact they have "good" intentions. Shoot me.


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