Pixy Dragons (2019)

Pixy Dragons (2019)

Released: 2019
Genre: Animation, Genre
Director: James Snider
Starring: Chen Tsung, Maria Petrano, Todd Quills, ,
Run time: 72 min
IMDb: 3.7/10
Country: USA
Views: 180789


“Welcome to Pixy Dragon Town. An amazing place where magical, fire-spewing dragons live in peace and happiness – Most of the time. DRACO and GRUS are the towns troublemakers. When they set their sights on winning the towns fire-spewing contest. They must return to Dragon Town and use their fire breathing powers against LACERTA, and send him back to his castle before Dragon Town is destroyed.”
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User Reviews: I tend to enjoy "cute" animation. Even some of that for children can be fun. However, this movie has some of the most boring, droll dialog ever written for a film… and there is a LOT of it. The entire flick consists primarily of poorly-done CGI dragons standing around and talking to one another. The story line is a snoozer, the discussions tedious, the resolution ridiculous.

This doesn’t even qualify as decent Saturday morning fare. Sometimes I wonder about people who get involved in producing stuff like this. Is this truly the best they have to offer? They couldn’t have found a better writer, director, and more interesting animation? Sorry to say, this one is a waste of time, not only for the audience but for those who made it in the first place. Not the worst movie ever… just guaranteed to put an insomniac to sleep.

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