Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978) 4.7

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)

After a wave of reports of mysterious attacks involving people and pets being eaten by the traditionally docile fruit, a special government task force is set up to investigate the violent fruit and put a stop to their...

It Takes Two (1995) 5.9

It Takes Two (1995)

Alyssa (a rich girl) and Amanda (an orphan) are two little girls who are identical, but complete strangers, that accidentally meet one day. Together they form a plan to try getting Alyssa's father to prevent making th...

Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century (1977) 4.5

Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century (1977)

Professor Wassermann (John Stacy) is asked by industry magnate Morgan Hunnicut (Eddie Faye) to lead an expedition to study the giant Yeti creature found frozen in a large ice block on Newfoundland's coast. The profess...

Lorena, Light-footed Woman (2019) 7

Lorena, Light-footed Woman (2019)

A young woman of the Tarahumara, well-known for their extraordinary long distance running abilities, wins ultramarathons seemingly out of nowhere despite running in sandals.

His and Her Christmas (TV Movie 2005) 5.3

His and Her Christmas (TV Movie 2005)

Tom Lane is the star columnist for the media conglomerate owned San Francisco Sun newspaper. The company is thinking about increasing Tom's exposure by producing a new television show around him. Liz Madison is the ad...

The Gazebo (1959) 6.9

The Gazebo (1959)

Television writer and director Elliott Nash and his wife Nell have a happy marriage. One day a blackmailer informs Elliott that he has nude photos of his wife Nell, taken when she was only 18 years old. The blackmaile...

Psycho Stripper (TV Movie 2019) 4.6

Psycho Stripper (TV Movie 2019)

A week before her wedding, beautiful dance studio instructor Amber Clarke suddenly finds herself the obsession of Hunter, the brooding, sexy, exotic male dancer from her bachelorette party, who is harboring a very dar...

Things Are Tough All Over (1982) 6

Things Are Tough All Over (1982)

Cheech and Chong work briefly as car wash attendants and musicians before being hired to drive a car from Chicago to Las Vegas. Unbeknownst to them, their employers (themselves in double roles) have concealed five mil...

Zi dan chu zu (1990) 6.2

Zi dan chu zu (1990)

Two hitmen, both good friends who work for the Triad, get a new partner, a nervous young rookie who starts off badly by blowing an assignment, but soon becomes proficient at his bloody work. When one of them is blackm...

Fortress of War (2010) 7.5

Fortress of War (2010)

The film shows the heroic defense of the Brest Fortress, which had taken upon the first strike of German fascist invaders on June 22 1941. Story describes the events of the first days of the defense. The film tells ab...

Scuola di ladri (1986) 5.8

Scuola di ladri (1986)

The incredible funny story of 3 strangers with the same last name that are drawn together by one criminal mastermind.

The Stress of Youth (1962) 7

The Stress of Youth (1962)

Adults who have long ago lost their link to nature fail to understand the feelings a growing 12 year old country girl has for a beautiful black stallion.

Maisie Was a Lady (1941) 6.8

Maisie Was a Lady (1941)

Showgirl Maisie Ravier finds herself once again out of work. She meets a wealthy playboy who hires her to be his family's new maid. Maisie soon finds herself trying to mend the family's many problems. ...

Queens of Evil (1970) 6.2

Queens of Evil (1970)

A young hippie kills a man, and seeks refuge at the lakeside house of three beautiful sisters, who seem to be hiding a dark secret.

The Minimalists: Less Is Now (2021) 5.9

The Minimalists: Less Is Now (2021)

The film's title was inspired by the popular maxim "Less is more," popularized by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), who used this aphorism to describe his design aesthetic; his tactic was one of arrangin...

El inconveniente (2020) 6.5

El inconveniente (2020)

2019, Sevilla (Andalusia, south to Spain). Sara is successful woman in her job as life insurance worker and in the personal sphère by her 8-years marriage with Daniel. Learning about a very much inexpensive apartment ...

Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight (TV Movie 2002) 6.1

Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight (TV Movie 2002)

After being punished for retreat from combat, Ranger David Martel is given command of the Liandra, a haunted 20-year old Minbari fighting ship. He's escorting ambassadors to a secret archaeological site, the oldest ci...

I Think My Babysitter’s an Alien (2015) 4.8

I Think My Babysitter’s an Alien (2015)

When a world-famous astronaut returns home from his latest mission, he brings a unique souvenir to his wife and two children: a piece of an asteroid that hit his space station. But soon, strange things start to happen...

Diabolique (1996) 5.5

Diabolique (1996)

The wife and mistress of a cruel school master collaborate in a carefully planned and executed attempt to murder him. The plan goes well until the body, which has been strategically dumped, disappears. The strain star...

9413 (1998) 5.7

9413 (1998)

An emotionally bankrupt cop began his downward spiral when he accidentally killed a hostage during a shootout.

BoardRoom (Video 2012) 8.2

BoardRoom (Video 2012)

Before there were big surf corporations, a handful of pioneers were building wooden surfboards in their garages. Unbeknownst to them, they created a lifestyle that would be emulated by the generations to come. This is...

Hilo 2 (2021)

Having been lured into becoming a corrupt cop on the wrong side of the law , Detective "Wilfred La Salle" embarks on his journey to right the wrongs he has committed while also facing off against his former friend and...

A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies (2007) 7.2

A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies (2007)

A tale of Mari and three puppies is based on a true story. It tells about the situation Mari and her puppies have gone through after a massive destruction brought by an earthquake that striked Japan in October 23, 200...

Kill Plan (2021) 7.3

Kill Plan (2021)

A weathered CIA agent is thrown into a web of deception when he uncovers a rogue government plot to unleash a deadly drug on humanity.

Bad Karma (2012) 4.5

Bad Karma (2012)

Reformed criminal gets blackmailed into doing one last job when former partner crawls out of the woodwork.

Diagnosing Healthcare (2020) 6

Diagnosing Healthcare (2020)

A social-impact documentary that centers on health care reform. The film identifies the most problematic areas of the current mainstream health care system and offers solutions in the form of fully developed alternati...

Vive L’Amour (1994) 7.5

Vive L’Amour (1994)

The film focuses on three city folks who unknowingly share the same apartment: Mei, a real estate agent who uses it for her sexual affairs; Ah-jung, her current lover; and Hsiao-ang, who's stolen the key and uses the ...

Father’sDaze (2020) 5.8

Father’sDaze (2020)

Inspired by true events in 1994, Father'sDaze exposes the additional pressures exerted by the Child Support Agency on one family dealing with the consequences of marital breakdown. Ben, a freelance wedding photographe...

Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump (2020) 6.3

Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump (2020)

After years of empirical observation, for the first time ever, prominent mental health professionals present their observations on camera as part of their ethical "Duty to Warn" the public of imminent danger. Medical ...

#Like (2019) 4.1

#Like (2019)

"Woodstock teen, Rosie, mourning the first anniversary of her younger sister's death discovers the mysterious man who sexploited and bullied her sister to commit suicide is back on-line trolling for new victims. After...