Notes from Dunblane: Lesson from a School Shooting 2018

Notes from Dunblane: Lesson from a School Shooting 2018

Released: 2018
Genre: Documentary, History, Movie
Director: Kim A. Snyder
Starring: ,
Run time: 22 min
IMDb: 5.8/10
Country: USA
Views: 95434


In the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that took the lives of 20 first graders and their teachers, local clergymen Father Bob Weiss receives a letter from a fellow priest in Dunblane, Scotland, whose community suffered an eerily similar fate in 1996. From across the Atlantic, the two priests forge a poignant bond through the shared experience of trauma and healing.
User Reviews: The trailer shows the main focus of this short being centred around gun control, but for less than 5 minutes, this issue is discussed. Most of this documentary is just about the two priests talking about their experiences and meeting up. This could’ve been so much more. An hour long documentary would’ve been nicer, they could’ve spent equal amounts of time on everything.


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Public on May 7, 2020

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