Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (1989)

Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (1989)

Released: 1989
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Genre
Director: Jackie Chan
Starring: Ah-Lei Gua, Anita Mui, Jackie Chan, ,
Run time: 139 min
IMDb: 7.1/10
Country: Hong Kong
Views: 175765


Jackie Chan’s Hong Kong variation of Frank Capra’s “A Pocketful of Miracles” set in the 1930s. Jackie plays a country boy who rescues a gang boss. Jackie becomes the head of a gang through the purchase of some lucky roses from an old lady. Jackie and a singer at the gang’s nightclub try to do a good deed for the old rose-seller when her daughter comes to visit, all this while battling a rival gang.
Written by
Ronald Strong <[email protected]>
User Reviews: Miracles is Jackie Chan’s favourite amongst his movies ,and the one in which he invested the most time and care. The result is, technically, a triumph. The convincing sets, lavish costumes and graceful camera work really hold by western film standards, while the fight scenes boast choreography that is just incredible to watch. They are more like musical numbers than martial arts fights, but the level of invention is just staggering, particularly in the scene where Jackie has to make his way down some stairs, fighting heavies as he does so, and the end battle in a rope factory.

However, elsewhere the film has problems. It attempts to juggle several plot lines with mixed success. The ‘gangster’part, with Jackie as a crime boss, generally works well, but Jackie’s relationship with singer Anita Mui almost disappears from the film and the Frank Capra ‘A Pocketful Of Miracles’copied story is dwelt on at such length and so slowly that the middle of the film drags terribly, with endless dialogue scenes that could have sometimes been shortened or cut without harm to the film {or course, there is a shorter version of this film, but with some of the wrong bits cut}. At least there are some great laughs, such as gangsters and their ‘molls’ trying to be respectable rich folk, and the Clouseau-like Richard Ng’s police captain.

Miracles is certainly not one of Chan’s classics like Project A, Police Story or Drunken Master 1 and 2, but there is still a lot to like.

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