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Creating the Queen’s Gambit (TV Short 2021) 6.9

Creating the Queen’s Gambit (TV Short 2021)

It's not about a game, it's about the cost of genius. Take a deeper look into how Scott Frank, Anya Taylor-Joy, and the team behind The Queen's Gambit brought this acclaimed series to life.

Bad Cupid (2021) 6.1

Bad Cupid (2021)

Archie (John Rhys-Davies) is a God on a mission to ensure that true love always wins. Or, short of that, that someone is going to die trying. Not that he particularly cares which outcome it is. That's Archie's "Bad Cu...

Payback (2021) 4.5

Payback (2021)

A young stockbroker at a Mob-controlled Wall Street firm gets betrayed and sent to prison for six years. When he gets out, he seeks revenge.

The Minimalists: Less Is Now (2021) 5.9

The Minimalists: Less Is Now (2021)

The film's title was inspired by the popular maxim "Less is more," popularized by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), who used this aphorism to describe his design aesthetic; his tactic was one of arrangin...

Hilo 2 (2021)

Having been lured into becoming a corrupt cop on the wrong side of the law , Detective "Wilfred La Salle" embarks on his journey to right the wrongs he has committed while also facing off against his former friend and...

Kill Plan (2021) 7.3

Kill Plan (2021)

A weathered CIA agent is thrown into a web of deception when he uncovers a rogue government plot to unleash a deadly drug on humanity.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021) 6.8

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

Two teens who live the same day repeatedly, enabling them to create the titular map.

Obsessed with the Babysitter (TV Movie 2021) 5.2

Obsessed with the Babysitter (TV Movie 2021)

Elaine, an injured dancer, catches the eye of a deranged psychologist who believes her to be the perfect woman. Realizing he is manipulating her mind and using her injury against her; Elaine must escape with the child...

Cactus Jack (2021) 2.7

Cactus Jack (2021)

When an amateur documentarian sets out to make a film about a man who hasn't left his mother's basement in six months, he discovers the recluse is in fact a vile doomsday hatemonger. The tables are turned when the man...

Agent Revelation (2021) 6.3

Agent Revelation (2021)

An ancient dust that controls humans is unleashed, but mysteriously affects Jim Yung who gains superpowers. Jim is taken to an underground base where he's trained to be an operative to take on an imminent alien threat...

Body Brokers (2021) 6.6

Body Brokers (2021)

Utah (Jack Kilmer) and Opal (Alice Englert) are junkies living on the streets of rural Ohio until a seemingly chance encounter with the enigmatic Wood (Michael Kenneth Williams) brings them to Los Angeles for drug tre...

Get Gone (2021) 6.1

Get Gone (2021)

Aaron Walker returns back to his old estate upon hearing about the death of his younger brother Tom who died from a drugs overdose. Aaron is forced to visit his old ways and delves into a life of crime, he soon uncove...

The Wrong Real Estate Agent (TV Movie 2021) 5.1

The Wrong Real Estate Agent (TV Movie 2021)

Single working mother, Julie, and her teenage daughter, Maddie, rent a beautiful house on several acres of land from a friendly real estate agent, Charles, who they know well and lives nearby. However, after mother an...

Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021) 6

Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021)

Batman, Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, and Richard Dragon join forces when they come to realize that they share a common acquaintance. The Martial Arts Master that trained them has been missing for a number of years and un...

Below Zero (2021) 6.2

Below Zero (2021)

On a lonely road, a prison transport is brutally assaulted. Martin, the policeman who was driving, survives and fortifies his position while the con men search for a way to finish him.

Palmer (2021) 7.3

Palmer (2021)

A bullied young non binary child lives with a drug addicted Mother and an abusive boyfriend . Palmer (Justin Timberlake) recently released from prison after serving 12 years for attempted murder, moves in with his Gra...

Crazy 2 Crazy (2021) 4.4

Crazy 2 Crazy (2021)

What happens when a psychopath meets an all-American family of psychopaths? Meet Eugene, a psychotic low-life whose addictions include drugs, alcohol, and sex. When he finds his next fix, a beautiful real estate agent...

Red Woods (2021) 3

Red Woods (2021)

A group of urbex enthusiasts travel to the backwoods of Appalachia to capture footage of abandoned houses, when they unwittingly become the subjects of a much darker video - made by a different kind of "enthusiast".

Marvel’s Behind the Mask (2021) 6.3

Marvel’s Behind the Mask (2021)

Meet the writers and artists behind characters like Black Panther, Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, the X-Men, Captain Marvel, and many other characters in the Marvel Universe, highlighting their impact on pop cu...

Cam Girls (2021) 2.6

Cam Girls (2021)

Jenna, Kelly and Ness have all found themselves isolated around lockdown. With little to do around the homes, and a lot of time on their hands, the girls interact with one another discussing their new sexual desires b...

Lock Down Love (2021) 5.8

Lock Down Love (2021)

Lisa, a plus-sized African American woman, concludes that her boyfriend broke up with her because of her weight. Now on quarantine lock down and alone, she will now use the next 40 days to try to lose the weight, in h...

Attack of the Giant Blurry Finger (2021) 4.3

Attack of the Giant Blurry Finger (2021)

In this zany, dry, tongue-in-cheek sci-fi horror comedy, a giant blurry finger comes down from outer space and terrorizes Chloe, a young woman, interrupting her lonely night at home.

Taking a Shot at Love (TV Movie 2021) 7.3

Taking a Shot at Love (TV Movie 2021)

Former professional ballet dancer Jenna works with NHL star Ryan Cooper to help him recover from an injury using ballet as therapy, and as they grow close, he helps her mend her injured heart. But when it's time for R...

Red Dot (2021) 5.5

Red Dot (2021)

When Nadja becomes pregnant, they make an attempt to rekindle their relationship by traveling to the north of Sweden for a hiking trip but soon their romantic trip turns into a nightmare.

Paranormal Prison (2021) 3.2

Paranormal Prison (2021)

A paranormal investigation YouTube channel is getting ready to shut down if they don't have a video that goes viral in time. In this last ditch attempt, a long-time mystery is solved.

Master (2021) 7.1

Master (2021)

Master is an action film from India about a professor, JD, who is sent to teach at a juvenile reform school for three months. He clashes with an unscrupulous man, Bhavani, who controls the school's young inmates to co...

COVID-21: Lethal Virus (2021) 1.6

COVID-21: Lethal Virus (2021)

The climate change has released an ancient rabies virus trapped in the Antarctica ice. A female scientist tries to get to the laboratory to create a cure to save the world, protected by an eccentric and two members of...

Galentine’s Day Nightmare (TV Movie 2021) 6.2

Galentine’s Day Nightmare (TV Movie 2021)

A woman's life becomes a living nightmare when she becomes the prime suspect in her boss's murder.

Monster Preacher (2021) 5.6

Monster Preacher (2021)

In 1986, self-proclaimed pastor Gary Heidnik kidnapped, tortured, and raped six women in Philadelphia, brutally murdering two: two of the victims recount the horrors of surviving the monster Preacher.

Valentines Date (2021) 4.2

Valentines Date (2021)

A couple seeking a quick divorce must survive a chaotic and crazy weekend retreat to get it.