Malibu’s Most Wanted (2003)

Malibu’s Most Wanted (2003)

Released: 2003
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Genre
Director: John Whitesell
Starring: Blair Underwood, Ryan O'Neal, Jamie Kennedy, ,
Run time: 86 min
IMDb: 5.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 167036


Brad Gluckman or “B-rad” acts like he is from the hood, when he is white and lives in a rich neighborhood in Malibu. He is ruining his fathers election for governor, and he and his crew come up with an idea, to send “B-rad” to the hood to turn him back into a white boy. This movie is filled with laughs and is a great comedy.
User Reviews: When I walked into this feature I was expecting a very stereotypical movie towards black people. Fortunately, while watching, you don’t really give a shizit about the story because you’ll be to busy busting a gut at the hilarious jokes and acting. I thought Jaime Kennedy played the part better than anyone else could’ve and especially felt that Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson were extremely funny as the not-so-bad-boy actors. If you watch the trailer and laugh at least once, you’ll definetly enjoy this movie, but if you don’t laugh at all, don’t put up to much hope. For this movie, what you see is what you get. Nothing goes past trying to have background story or character development, it all stops at being funny. But hey, who in their right mind would go to this movie expecting a very well scripted story or well thought out movie moments. All this movie is is biddy-dee-bang-bang comedy/action. Nothing more, nothing less. And luckily, that’s all I care about.

I rate this movie as so:

Entertainment Value- 9/10 >>>>> Story / Premise- 4/10 >>>>> Script Writing- 7/10 >>>>> Acting- 8/10 >>>>> Directing- 6/10 >>>>> Overall- *7/10*

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