Lost & Found (2016)

Lost & Found (2016)

Released: 2016
Genre: Adventure, Family, Genre, Mystery
Director: Joseph Itaya
Starring: Celeste Desjardins, Benjamin Stockham, Justin Kelly, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 5.4/10
Country: Canada
Views: 187779


Sent to spend the summer on a remote and mysterious island, brothers embark on a thrilling treasure hunt to restore their family’s lost fortune.
User Reviews: A good, sit on the edge of your seat movie with great themes; love, brotherhood, mystery, and treasure. We watched it with our family of various ages, the youngest being six, the oldest child around 11. It had some tense moments. Sometimes I questioned allowing them to see it, but it had just enough tension to make it fun. This movie was written very well. The twists and turns kept the entire family wondering what would happen next. I loved the cinematography and sound track. Both contributed to the suspense of the film. All the characters were developed adequately. I didn’t find many loose ends. This movie had great elements reminiscent of The Goonies, without being too copycat. I loved the soundtrack and felt that it contributed to the suspense and emotions of the film accurately. The island backdrop was brilliant, we are eagerly awaiting the sequel.

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