Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (TV Movie 2012)

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (TV Movie 2012)

Released: 2012
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Genre
Director: Robert Harmon
Starring: Kohl Sudduth, Kathy Baker, Tom Selleck, ,
Run time: 90 min
IMDb: 7.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 72294


When the man who replaced Jesse as Paradise Police Chief was killed when his car exploded, Jesse is asked to return and he does. So he goes to the crime scene and the evidence leads people to believe that the man may have been corrupt. And Jesse, who didn’t like him because he took his job, says that he is allowed the benefit of the doubt. Jesse finds himself alone because Suitcase and Rose left when the other Chief was there. Jesse suspects that Hasty might know something, and a guy is following Jesse.
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User Reviews: Paradise Police Chief "Skipper" Butler and Officer D’Angelo are investigating a fire at "The Point". But when they get there, it appears to be a false alarm.

Or is it?

Two people are dead, and be warned–their bodies look like something out of a horror movie.

The state arson investigators won’t tell the town council anything. Town council members Hanson and Hasty show up at Stone’s remote house–his phone is disconnected–to offer him his job back. Stone and the state investigator Healy are friends, so maybe he will have better luck.

Healy tells Stone what he needs to know and advises him to leave the investigating to the state cops. Since when has that ever stopped Stone? His next two actions are illegal and provide two of the film’s best comic moments, the other being Hasty’s bow-tie.

Stone suspects the murders were the result of Butler being corrupt (Wait: why will Butler let Stone take over his job, much less get away with investigating him? There’s a very good reason). But he faces a number of obstacles. Molly quit. Rose quit and took her kids to her mother’s in Toledo. Suitcase is working on his father’s boat where he claims to be happy, but he’s not convincing. Stone has no cell reception at his house. How will this man get anything done? Believe me, he will.

Stone hasn’t talked to his ex-wife Jen since he lost his job, and he’s drinking again; his dog seems to disapprove. He continues to visit Dr. Dix, and he is dating Thelma, who works at Hasty’s car dealership and sings standards in a club. Stone also goes out with the pretty but tough Amanda, Gino Fish’s secretary, but just for information.

A third person dies, and while it looks like suicide, Stone doesn’t believe it.

The mystery has just enough twists, and the conclusion is exciting.

This is a movie that can be watched by those new to Jesse Stone. Unlike some of the others, this is a straight mystery which doesn’t deviate into long philosophical scenes that some might find boring. And Stone’s character history is explained for those who might not know it, but this is not really necessary for a newcomer to the series.

Tom Selleck does his usual good job–just remember, this is NOT "Blue Bloods" (which I’ve never seen, but commercials tell me enough). Stone is flawed in many ways but basically decent.

The other leading actors also do a good job. I wish Kathy Baker had had a bigger role, but for whatever reason she didn’t have a lot of lines. Suitcase was also missed.

It’s worth seeing, even more so than some of the recent entries in the series.

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