I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday (2017)

I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday (2017)

Released: 2017
Genre: Drama, Genre, Horror
Director: Mike Lombardo
Starring: Reeve Blazi, Hope Bikle, Holly Andrew, ,
Run time: 71 min
IMDb: 5.7/10
Country: USA
Views: 101931


A mother and her 8 year old son struggle to survive in a bomb shelter after an unnamed apocalypse.
User Reviews: For a 70 minute film, it drags on a lot and it’s honestly not entertaining enough to keep your attention. The ending was far from post apocalyptic and made little to no sense when compared to the rest of the film. Overall it’s just barely watchable and definitely not the next holiday horror classic.

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