Category: thriller

Alice Fades Away (2021) 5.7

Alice Fades Away (2021)

A troubled woman in 1950s New England stumbles upon an isolated farmhouse and is taken in by its idealistic residents - until a murderous figure from her past arrives.

Village of the Damned (1995) 5.7

Village of the Damned (1995)

An American village is visited by some unknown life form which leaves the women of the village pregnant. Nine months later, the babies are born, and they all look normal, but it doesn't take the "parents" long to real...

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (Video 2000) 5.6

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (Video 2000)

As fearsome armies of rebel angels continue to wage war in heaven and on earth, Pyriel, the brutal Angel of Genocide, rises to power with the evil intent to destroy all of humankind. The only one on earth with the abi...

Angst (1983) 7.3

Angst (1983)

A man is released from prison after serving ten years for murdering an elderly woman. He quickly begins to feel the compulsion to kill again. After failing to murder a cab driver, he flees and discovers a secluded rur...

Killer Advice (2021) 5

Killer Advice (2021)

When Beth (Kate Watson) suffers a traumatic attack, her family and friends suggest she see a therapist to help her cope. However, her new therapist gives her more than she bargained for.

Shutter (2008) 5.3

Shutter (2008)

A newlywed couple Ben and Jane move to Japan for a promising job opportunity - a fashion shoot in Tokyo. During their trip on a dark forest road they experience a tragic car accident, leading to the death of a young l...

The Blackout (2014) 5.2

The Blackout (2014)

Then There Was is an ensemble thriller which tells the story of four college students, an expectant couple, and a lone survival expert who are confronted by a global blackout that forces them to endure the worst of hu...

In Sickness (2015) 4.1

In Sickness (2015)

After you take your vows, what happens when the future is nothing like what you envisioned? As a man spirals deeper and deeper into his mental illness, his young wife is forced to question whether love really is enough.

Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil (Video 2006) 4.5

Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil (Video 2006)

The fate of the world hangs in the balance in this explosive action thriller. Brace yourself for nonstop action and chilling suspense, because there's no turning back in this pulse-pounding sequel that takes you Behin...

Los ojos de Julia (2010) 6.7

Los ojos de Julia (2010)

After the death of the blind Sara, who hanged herself in the basement of her house, her twin sister Julia suspects that she was actually murdered. Julia has a degenerative problem with her eyes and is losing her sight...

The Garden of Eden (2008) 5.3

The Garden of Eden (2008)

Set in the jazz age years, prior to the depression, the story follows a successful young American writer, David Bourne, and his beautiful new wife, Catherine, on their extended honeymoon in Europe. Catherine soon beco...

Beasts Clawing at Straws (2020) 7.1

Beasts Clawing at Straws (2020)

A cleaner forced to care for his ailing mother, finds a huge bag of money left in a sauna. Unknown to him that the story behind the bag has a custom officer in debt, a loan shark, a scammer, an escort with an abusive ...

Remember My Name (1978) 6.3

Remember My Name (1978)

Just released from prison, a young woman arrives in town to "start a new life", but soon begins stalking a married construction worker for no apparent reason, turning his life inside out and eventually terrorizing him...

The 12th Man (2017) 7.4

The 12th Man (2017)

True World War II story about Jan Baalsrud, one of the 12 saboteurs sent in 1943 from England to the Nazi occupied Northern Norway. After their boat is sunk by the Germans, Jan goes on the run towards the neutral Swed...

Unfollower (2020) 4.1

Unfollower (2020)

When a self-conscious fitness instructor named Jo becomes the victim of cyber-stalking that turns physical, she must use her fitness skill and growing fight instinct to stay alive.

Surprise (2018) 5

Surprise (2018)

An anthology horror involving a social gathering of writers on Halloween, where they each tell stories in hopes of winning a local competition.

Paradise (2019) 3.8

Paradise (2019)

Jacob and Mia Patterson had a seemingly perfect life until one decision has them questioning everything that's happened between them.

Sheep Without a Shepherd (2019) 6.8

Sheep Without a Shepherd (2019)

Desperate measures are taken by a man who tries to save his family from the dark side of the law, after they commit an unexpected crime.

A Mother’s Nightmare (TV Movie 2012) 5.9

A Mother’s Nightmare (TV Movie 2012)

Vanessa moves fast to claim Chris for her own, taking his time away and distancing him from his family and friends. His mom, Maddie, is disturbed by their sudden relationship and when she discovers a secret of Vanessa...

Futureworld (1976) 5.8

Futureworld (1976)

Two reporters, Tracy and Chuck, get a message from a third one who discovered something about "Futureworld" and was killed before he could tell anyone about it. They visit Futureworld to find out what he knew. ...

Darkroom (1989) 4.5

Darkroom (1989)

Looking for revenge for past incenstous experiences, a slasher invades a lonely farmhouse.

Red Amnesia (2014) 6.8

Red Amnesia (2014)

Deng is a stubborn retired widow who spends her days caring about her two grown up sons and her elderly mother, despite her family efforts to stop her. But her daily routine starts derailing when she keeps receiving a...

Matriarch (2018) 5.4

Matriarch (2018)

An expecting Mother (Rachel) and husband (Matt) crash their car in the countryside and are offered shelter by a farmer and his wife. Rachel soon realizes the farmer's children are in fact stolen. Just as they try to e...

Le combat dans l’île (1962) 6.6

Le combat dans l’île (1962)

The son of a French industrialist, Clément is a right wing extremist who belongs to a secret militant right wing organization that uses whatever means necessary, including violence, to achieve its goals. His wife Anne...

Trigger (2020) 4.4

Trigger (2020)

Collin escaped the hood and found his wife and fortune. His brother Trey is paroled from a murder charge and comes to stay with him. After a disastrous accident, Trey holds Collin and friends hostage vowing he is neve...

Emanuelle and Francoise (1975) 5.5

Emanuelle and Francoise (1975)

Emanuelle (Lindt) is out to avenge her sister (Gori), who committed suicide after escaping from her sadistic lover Carlo (Eastman). So she chains him up in her basement, drugs him, and forces him to watch her having s...

Defenseless (1991) 5.6

Defenseless (1991)

The lawyer Thelma "T.K." Knudsen Katwuller is having a love affair with her client, Steven Seldes, accused of making under-age porn movies through the Blue Screen Production. When T.K. meets her old college friend Ell...

Piercing (2018) 5.6

Piercing (2018)

A man kisses his wife and baby goodbye and seemingly heads away on business, with a plan to check into a hotel, call an escort service, and kill an unsuspecting prostitute.

Arlington Road (1999) 7.2

Arlington Road (1999)

In suburban Reston, Virginia, George Washington University American History professor Michael Faraday is still mourning the death of his wife, FBI agent Leah Faraday, after three years. His inside knowledge of the age...

Untraceable (2008) 6.2

Untraceable (2008)

A secret service agent, Jennifer Marsh, gets caught in a very personal and deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer who knows that people (being what they are - both curious and drawn to the dark side of things)...