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Athena (1954) 6

Athena (1954)

Attorney, Purdom, and singer, Damone, romance two sisters, Reynolds and Powell, who live with and are strongly influenced by eccentric, health oriented and star gazing grandparents. Written by Anonymous

New Faces (1954) 6.4

New Faces (1954)

A filmed performance (in CinemaScope) of the highly popular Broadway hit that was basically a collection of skits, sketches, songs and dances built around a flimsy plot to meld them all together which, for the most pa...

One from the Heart (1981) 6.5

One from the Heart (1981)

Hank and Frannie don't seem to be able to live together anymore. After a five-year relationship, lustful and dreamy Frannie leaves down-to-earth Hank on the anniversary of their relationship. Each one of them meets th...

The Nightingale of Tibet (2013) 7.3

The Nightingale of Tibet (2013)

The Nightingale of Tibet is a musical biopic about the life of opera singer Yiga Gyalnang, played by Tibetan singer Namgyal Lhamo. The movie follows the perilous journey of the singer as she escapes illegal detention ...

The Opposite Sex (1956) 6.1

The Opposite Sex (1956)

Shortly after their tenth wedding anniversary, New York City Theater Producer Steven Hilliard (Leslie Nielsen) and his wife, former popular radio singer Kay Ashley Hilliard (June Allyson), are getting a Kay-initiated ...

A Celebration of the Music from Coco (2020) 7.1

A Celebration of the Music from Coco (2020)

A concert style performance at the Hollywood Bowl with some of the cast of Coco and singers and dancers. A vibrant celebration of culture, love, family, and music.

Love You Right: An R&B Musical (2021) 6.4

Love You Right: An R&B Musical (2021)

A rhythm and blues superstar tries to put his life back together after losing everything.

Hal King (2021) 5.8

Hal King (2021)

Hal King is a coming of age film musical, based on Shakespeare's King Henry IV, loosely set in the US during the jazz era. Hal, the son of a community leader, lives the high life running with drug addicts and fast wom...

Romance & Cigarettes (2005) 6.2

Romance & Cigarettes (2005)

Nick and Kitty Murder are married middle-aged working class New Yorkers. Kitty catches Nick in an indiscretion when she finds a love poem, extolling the virtues of one specific body part, Nick wrote to his mistress, T...

Sikh Musical Heritage: The Untold Story (2017) 8

Sikh Musical Heritage: The Untold Story (2017)

Sikh Musical Heritage: The Untold Story is an in-depth look at the history of traditional Sikh instrumentation and its crucial role in performing the devotional singing known as Kirtan of the Sikh Scripture, Guru Gran...

A Man from Boulevard des Capucines (1987) 7.8

A Man from Boulevard des Capucines (1987)

Mr Jonny First arrives to the Wild West to present the art of the Cinematograph.

Downfalls High (2021) 7.4

Downfalls High (2021)

When reserved and lonely teenager Fenix (Chase Hudson) meets popular high school girl Scarlett (Sydney Sweeney), the two form a bond that shapes the rest of his life. A musical drama featuring the music of Machine Gun...

Risto Räppääjä (2008) 5.3

Risto Räppääjä (2008)

Ricky lives with his Aunt Serena and loves to play drums. But when Serena breaks her leg, her strict cousin Fanny moves in to take care her and Ricky.

The Merry Widow (1934) 7.2

The Merry Widow (1934)

The small kingdom of Marshovia has a little problem. The main tax-payer, the wealthy widow Sonia (who pays 52% of the taxes) has left for Paris. So Count Danilo is sent to Paris, to stop her from getting married to a ...

Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors (TV Movie 2015) 7.9

Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors (TV Movie 2015)

Based on the inspiring true story of living legend Dolly Parton's remarkable upbringing, this once-in-a-lifetime movie special takes us inside the tight-knit Parton family as they struggle to overcome devastating trag...

Easter Parade (1948) 7.4

Easter Parade (1948)

Don Hewes and Nadine Hale are a dancing team, but she decides to start a career on her own. So he takes the next dancer he meets, Hannah Brown, as a new partner. After a while this new team is so successful, that Flor...

Music (2021) 3.1

Music (2021)

Zu is newly sober and finding her way in the world when she receives news that she is to become the sole guardian of her half-sister named Music, a young girl on the autism spectrum. The film explores two of Sia's fav...

Pajama Party (1964) 4.9

Pajama Party (1964)

Gogo, a Martian teenager, is sent to Earth to prepare the way for an invasion. The first Earthling he meets, one Aunt Wendy, is a rich widow who runs a dress shop catering to teenagers. Her nephew, Big Lunk, is a voll...

Good News (1947) 6.9

Good News (1947)

At fictitious Tait University in the Roaring 20's, co-ed and school librarian Connie Lane falls for football hero Tommy Marlowe. Unfortunately, he has his eye on gold-digging vamp Pat McClellan. Tommy's grades start t...

Donkey Skin (1970) 7

Donkey Skin (1970)

The education of a princess wrapped in a love story. A king and queen live happily until her sudden death. The king decides to marry his lovely daughter. She's willing, but the Lily Fairy serves as a social conscience...

The Pajama Game (1957) 6.7

The Pajama Game (1957)

Employees of the Sleeptite Pajama Factory are looking for a whopping seven-and-a-half cent an hour increase and they won't take no for an answer. Babe Williams is their feisty employee representative but she may have ...

The Caddy (1953) 6.5

The Caddy (1953)

The origin of Anthony and Miller, a wildly successful comedy team, can be traced back several years to Harvey Miller's stage fright on the golf links. Although the son of a skilled golfer and an outstanding player in ...

HAM: A Musical Memoir (2020) 5.9

HAM: A Musical Memoir (2020)

A live recording of Sam Harris's award-winning one-man musical performance, tracing his rise to stage stardom.

Girl Crazy (1943) 6.8

Girl Crazy (1943)

Rich kid Danny Churchill (Rooney) has a taste for wine, women and song, but not for higher education. So his father ships him to an all-male college out West where there's not supposed to be a female for miles. But be...

Cairo (1942) 6.1

Cairo (1942)

After the Cavity Rock, California Times Leader newspaper is chosen as America's typical small town newspaper, reporter Homer Smith gets to abroad and report on the war in a series of articles to be shared with other s...

Monkey Business (1931) 7.5

Monkey Business (1931)

While stowing away on a ship to America, the boys get involuntarily pressed into service as toughs for a pair of feuding gangsters while trying desparately to evade the ship's crew. After arriving stateside, one of th...

Heidi (1937) 7.3

Heidi (1937)

Eight-year-old Heidi is orphaned and her selfish maternal Aunt Dete takes her to the mountains to live with Adolph Kramer, her grumpy, old, outcast, survivalist paternal grandfather. Heidi brings her grandfather back ...

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway (TV Movie 2008) 8.1

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway (TV Movie 2008)

Set in New York City's gritty East Village, the revolutionary rock opera RENT tells the story of a group of bohemians struggling to live and pay their rent. "Measuring their lives in love," these starving artists stri...

Kinky Boots the Musical (2019) 8.2

Kinky Boots the Musical (2019)

A filmed version of the popular stage musical, in which a feisty drag queen attempts to rescue a shoe factory by designing fabulous and fetishistic footwear.

The Harvey Girls (1946) 7.1

The Harvey Girls (1946)

On a train trip West to become a mail-order bride, Susan Bradley (Judy Garland) meets a cheery crew of young women travelling out to open a "Harvey House" restaurant at a remote whistle-stop to provide good cooking an...