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Run for dream (2019) 7

Run for dream (2019)

The documentary "Run for Dream" records famous Taiwanese ultra-marathon athlete Chen Yen-Po's (aka Tommy Chen) exciting yet treacherous ten-year journey to become the champion.

Struggle Through Death (1979) 5.7

Struggle Through Death (1979)

Men from a rural community in China are kidnapped and forced to mine for gold as slaves. Three men desperately make several several attempts to escape.

Double Vision (2002) 6.4

Double Vision (2002)

An FBI Agent pairs with a troubled Taiwan cop to hunt for a serial killer who's embedding a mysterious fungus in the brains of victims.

Cities of Last Things (2018) 6.2

Cities of Last Things (2018)

This is a story about a common man who has extraordinary events in his mundane life. The film depicts the protagonist's turns of events in three eras, three seasons, three nights, in the same city, as told with revers...

The Prisoner (1990) 5.9

The Prisoner (1990)

Someone in a prison run by a corrupt warden fakes the deaths of convicts to later use them as expendable assassins. A police officer is sent into the prison to gather evidence of the corruption. Writte...

Legend of the Mountain (1979) 7.4

Legend of the Mountain (1979)

A scholar, tasked to copy a sutra, meets with a mysterious old lady and her daughter in the mountains.

Shaolin Wooden Men (1976) 6.5

Shaolin Wooden Men (1976)

Jackie witnesses his father's death by the skilled hands of a martial arts master with an unknown killing technique. Jackie vows to become a Shaolin monk and avenge his death, but soon finds that he's the chump of the...

Twa-Tiu-Tiann (2014) 5.3

Twa-Tiu-Tiann (2014)

Through a famous painting "South Street Festival", a Taiwanese college boy unexpectedly travels 100 years back in time, back to the 1920's, when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. He is stuck, he panics, he wants to retu...

Gold Fish (2019) 7

Gold Fish (2019)

A boy with a special talent discovers that he may never grow up. Those with power are devouring people's dreams and everyone is destined to be a slave. Can he break the rules and free the people or will people still b...

Your Name Engraved Herein (2020) 7.1

Your Name Engraved Herein (2020)

In 1987, decades of martial law is lifted in Taiwan and two schoolboys, A-han and Birdy, are about to enter an illicit love affair after meeting in the school band led by a Canadian priest named Oliver. While the whol...

Beautiful Accident (2017) 6.6

Beautiful Accident (2017)

A female lawyer had lived a very apathetic career until she had a terrible car accident. She died in the accident but when she reached the afterlife she learned that she came earlier than she was supposed to. That is ...

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) 7.8

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

In early nineteenth-century China, in the waning years of the Qing dynasty, the renowned swordsman who yearns for enlightenment, Li Mu Bai, decides to give up his legendary Green Destiny sword: the sharp four-hundred-...

Drifting Flowers (2008) 6.3

Drifting Flowers (2008)

Teddy Award-winning Director Zero Chou (Spider Lilies) weaves three poetic tales as the lesbians in Drifting Flowers seek their true identify. In the first story, Jing, a blind singer, falls in love with her band's to...

Gang of Bra (2019) 7.2

Gang of Bra (2019)

Tian Hsun, the son of a powerful business tycoon, finds his sole hobby in life to be bra-designing. Having grown up in a cushy environment his entire life, all things are about to change when tasked by his father to t...

Night Market Hero (2011) 5.6

Night Market Hero (2011)

At the bustling "888 Night Market", vendors deal with rivalries, unspoken romances, and disputes over trivial matters while working hard to sell their tasty delicacies. Things come to a screeching halt for the vendors...

Lust, Caution (2007) 7.5

Lust, Caution (2007)

Frustrated in his attempts to assassinate Yee, who is an important official in Japanese-ruled Shanghai, Old Wu, who has lost his wife and two sons as well as two women who had attempted to seduce Yee, now recruits Kua...

Lethal Panther (1990) 5.4

Lethal Panther (1990)

In a war for gang supremacy, two beautiful female assassins are given the ultimate target - each other.

New Perfect Two (2012) 5.5

New Perfect Two (2012)

Ah B (Vic Chou) was once a champion motorbike racer but lost everything in a fixed match. His wife Jiawei (Mini Yang) left him, and he has since abandoned himself to drinking and gambling to pass the days, turning a b...

Girl’s Revenge (2020) 6.1

Girl’s Revenge (2020)

Bullying. Humiliation. An ugly truth. She's standing up for her friend. But her retaliatory quest is about to unravel. After a sex video subjects her friend to mockery and bullying, a transfer student sets out to reve...

A Family Tour (2018) 6.2

A Family Tour (2018)

A filmmaker who has been living in exile in Hong Kong visits a festival in Taipei to present a film that has been banned in Mainland China. With her husband and child in tow, she has timed the visit to meet her mother...

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale I (2011) 7.5

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale I (2011)

During the Japanese rule of Taiwan, the Seediq were forced to lose their own culture and give up their faith. Men were subject to harsh labor and kept from traditional hunting; whereas women had to serve the Japanese ...

The Bridge Curse (2020) 5.3

The Bridge Curse (2020)

University students, planning a bravery initiation test for their fellow classmates, choose a campus bridge rumored to be haunted by a vengeful female ghost.

A Summer at Grandpa’s (1984) 7.7

A Summer at Grandpa’s (1984)

When a young brother and sister spend a pivotal summer away from home, they are changed. Ting-Ting and Tung-Tung (Wang Qiguang) are children of the city, but when their mother is struck ill, they must leave Taipei, Ta...

When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep (2012) 6.2

When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep (2012)

Life is tough in a big city. Especially for a young Taiwanese photocopy clerk, whose recent breakup haunts him day in and day out. But like all urban romance he soon meets the eccentric manic pixie of his dream. And t...

Back to the Good Times (2018) 5.4

Back to the Good Times (2018)

Nearly a year has gone by since the passing of Grandma, and the Zheng family is busy preparing for memorial rituals. Hwa Jia (Crowd Lu) gets discharged from military service and happily reunites with Wei (Vera Yen). T...

Dust in the Wind (1986) 7.6

Dust in the Wind (1986)

A-yuan and A-yun are both from the small mining town of Jio-fen. In the city, A-yuan is an apprentice by day and goes to night school, and A-yun works as a helper at a tailors. Everyone thinks they are meant for each ...

The Fate of Lee Khan (1973) 7.2

The Fate of Lee Khan (1973)

Lee Khan, a high official under Mongolian Emperor Yuan of the Yuan dynasty (year 1366) procures the battle map of the Chinese rebel Chu Yuan-Chang's army. Rebel spies, aided by treachery within Khan's ranks, strive to...

Campus Confidential (2013) 5.9

Campus Confidential (2013)

The campus geek rescues the most attractive campus girl from a dried lake after she falls in. Legend has it if two people meet at the lake when it's dry, they are destined to fall in love.

Dear Ex (2018) 7.3

Dear Ex (2018)

When Sanlian's ex-husband passes away, she discovers he has altered his insurance policy, cutting out their son in favor of a stranger named Jay. Outraged, Sanlian decides that she and her son will confront Jay, but J...

Taipei Story (1985) 7.7

Taipei Story (1985)

Lung, a former member of the national Little League team and now operator of an old-style fabric business, is never able to shake a longing for his past glory. One day, he runs into a forme teammate who is now a strug...