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Amityville II: The Possession (1982) 5.6

Amityville II: The Possession (1982)

Eager to start afresh, the unsuspecting couple of Anthony and Dolores Montelli, along with their four children, move into their dream house in Amityville. However, right from the very first night, strange paranormal e...

Estanislao (2020)

A deceitful and unemployed 40-year-old man returns to the house of his mother, who has recently passed away, to spend time with his alcoholic father and with a strange monster that oozes skin pieces, employed as fabri...

El silencio es bienvenido (2017) 4.6

El silencio es bienvenido (2017)

During the holidays, Amanda, trapped in her teenage process, seeks to avoid the terrible family trip.

Los Traficantes (2012) 7.1

Los Traficantes (2012)

While serving a 33 year sentence inside La Mesa Federal Prison, the most corrupt in all of Mexico, former drug cartel chief Esteban Mendoza finds redemption while helping others overcome drug addiction.

Y Tu Mamá También (2001) 7.6

Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

In Mexico City, late teen friends Tenoch Iturbide and Julio Zapata are feeling restless as their respective girlfriends are traveling together through Europe before they all begin the next phase of their lives at coll...

This Is Not a Movie (2011) 4.6

This Is Not a Movie (2011)

Twisted, apocalyptic satire, THIS IS NOT A MOVIE envisions the end of the world through the bi-polar mind of a strung-out pop-culture addict. Starring Edward Furlong and Peter Coyote, with a jagged, atmospheric score ...

Miss Bala (2011) 6.5

Miss Bala (2011)

At 23, Laura Guerro and her friend Suzu enter the Miss Baja pageant. Both qualify, and while Laura waits at a nightclub for Suzu to break away so they can go shopping, a heavily-armed drug gang murders drug enforcemen...

Jungle Shuffle (2014) 4.7

Jungle Shuffle (2014)

1960 Lacedon Jungle in Mexico. Coatis Manu and Sacha are best friends. However, mischievous Manu is exiled from the empire for breaking a statue ordered to be made by the king, then girlfriend Sacha is captured by hun...

Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017) 7

Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017)

Estrella is 10 years old and has 3 wishes: The first one, that her missing mother comes back and it happens. Her mother returns but she is dead and follows Estrella everywhere. Petrified, Estrella tries to escape from...

Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (1960) 8

Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (1960)

Bizarre movie about a sexually repressed taxidermist who finds solace in his job while his frigid and deformed wife psychologically tortures him because of his devotion to stuffed animals. Written by S...

Silent Light (2007) 7.2

Silent Light (2007)

Johan (Cornelio Wall Fehr), a Mennonite living in Mexico, is tormented with guilt over his extramarital affair with Marianne (Maria Pankratz). His father (Peter Wall), best friend (Jacobo Klassen) and wife (Miriam Toe...

El día de la unión (2018) 4.3

El día de la unión (2018)

A journalist tries to find his son in a collapsed building during Mexico's 1985 earthquake, which killed almost 4000 people.

Sofía Niño de Rivera: Selección natural (2018) 6.8
Los Olvidados (1950) 8.3

Los Olvidados (1950)

Hell-bent on revenge, the cocky reform-school runaway, El Jaibo, returns to his old neighbourhood in post-World-War-II Mexico City's poor and squalid slums, to reunite with his faithful gang of juvenile delinquents an...

The Golden Dream (2013) 7.7

The Golden Dream (2013)

Juan, Sara, and Samuel, three teenagers from the slums of Guatemala, travel to the United States in search of a better life. On their journey through Mexico, they meet Chauk, an Indian from Chiapas who doesn't speak S...

Amores Perros (2000) 8.1

Amores Perros (2000)

On the brink of the new Millennium in the bustling City of Mexico, one horrible car accident intertwines inextricably the lives of three perfect strangers. Octavio, a rebellious adolescent who is secretly in love with...

Frida (2002) 7.4

Frida (2002)

"Frida" chronicles the life Frida Kahlo shared unflinchingly and openly with Diego Rivera, as the young couple took the art world by storm. From her complex and enduring relationship with her mentor and husband to her...

Cronos (1993) 6.7

Cronos (1993)

In 1536, in Veracruz, Mexico, during the Inquisition, an alchemist builds a mysterious and sophisticated device named Cronos to provide eternal life to the owner. In the present days, the antiques dealer Jesus Gris fi...

Como matar a un esposo muerto (2017) 3.4

Como matar a un esposo muerto (2017)

A divorced woman gets destroyed by her ex-husband in all phases of her life and tries to get back on her feet.

Cumbia callera (2007) 5.9

Cumbia callera (2007)

Framed by the high mountain chains that surround the city of Monterrey (Mexico), three youngsters live passions and dilemmas, roaming between the steep slums and the luxury districts, crowned by the irresistible rhyth...

Japón (2002) 6.9

Japón (2002)

A painter from the big city goes to a remote canyon to commit suicide. To reach some calmness, he stays at the farmstead of Ascen, an old, religious woman. Although but a few words are spoken, love grows.

Abrakadabra (2018) 5.5

Abrakadabra (2018)

In the tradition of giallos of the early 70s a magician finds himself the target of a sadistic serial killer.

El Chivo (2016) 7.4

El Chivo (2016)

'El Chivo' (the Mountain Goat) is what the indigenous Tarahumara Indians of Mexico's Copper Canyons call Runner Will Harlan ever since he won the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon in 2009, a race made infamous in the bests...

Semana Santa (2015) 5.9

Semana Santa (2015)

Dali and her 8 year old son Pepe take a vacation with Dali's boyfriend, Chavez. Instead of bringing them closer, their beach holiday brings out things in each of them that threaten to pull this emerging family apart.

Untouched (1954) 7.3

Untouched (1954)

With the purpose of using barbasco roots in the production of cortisone, a pharmaceutical company sends a scientist to investigate the possibilities of exploitation in Veracruz, but the man gets lost in the jungle and...

The Eternal Feminine (2017) 7.1

The Eternal Feminine (2017)

Rosario Castellanos is an introverted university student who doesn't seem to belong to her time. In the early 1950s in Mexico City, she is fighting to have voice heard in a society run by men. She is about to become o...

Vaquero del mediodía (2019) 7.4

Vaquero del mediodía (2019)

A filmmaker begins a search for his long-lost friend, poet Samuel Noyola. Throughout his quest, he discovers Noyola's counter cultural attitude and outlandish persona might have something to do with his disappearance.

Cindy La Regia (2020) 5.9

Cindy La Regia (2020)

When Cindy decides that she doesn't want to marry her boyfriend, she runs to Mexico City, where new friendships and unexpected paths teach her that there are so many more possibilities for her life and talent than she...

Let’s Go with Pancho Villa (1936) 7.8

Let’s Go with Pancho Villa (1936)

The Mexican Revolution is on its way when six brave peasants, known as "Los Leones de San Pablo", decide to join Pancho Villa's army and help end the suffering in their community by assisting in the struggle. After se...