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Cold Night (2019) 4

Cold Night (2019)

During a cold winter night at home in Copenhagen, a private detective deconstructs himself as a character through the arguments of Shakespeare's Hamlet in order to find meaning in his own existence. That night, during...

Meanwhile on Earth (2020) 6.4

Meanwhile on Earth (2020)

When we die, there are still some practicalities needed to be taken care of before our time among the living is finally over. Meanwhile on Earth enters the world around our end station, an industry of death. A place w...

Valhalla (1986) 7.3

Valhalla (1986)

In a story based freely on Norse mythology, brother and sister Tjalfe and Røskva are paid a surprise visit by gods Thor and Loke. After the children disobey his orders, Thor takes them along with him to Asgaard, the l...

You Are Not Alone (1978) 7.1

You Are Not Alone (1978)

A student strike at a Danish boys school is the backdrop of YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The leisurely paced tale explores the relationship between 14 year-old Bo and Kim,11, the younger son of the stern boarding school headmas...

Breeder (2020) 5.6

Breeder (2020)

A ruthless businesswoman is abducting young women as part of a gruesome bio-hacking experiment to reverse the aging process. When Mia goes to investigate, she finds herself trapped, branded and tortured in an undergro...

Big Time (2017) 6.4

Big Time (2017)

Bjarke Ingels started out as a young man dreaming of creating cartoons. Now, he has been named "one of architecture's biggest innovators" by The Wall Street Journal and one of The 100 Most Influential People on the pl...

Another Round (2020) 7.9

Another Round (2020)

There is a theory that man is born with half a per mille too little. That alcohol in the blood opens the mind to the outside world, problems seem smaller and creativity increases. We know it well; after the first glas...

Armadillo (2010) 7.5

Armadillo (2010)

In February of 2009, a group of Danish soldiers accompanied by documentarian Janus Metz arrived at Armadillo, an army base in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Metz and cinematographer Lars Skree spent six mont...

Dreambuilders (2020) 6.1

Dreambuilders (2020)

It centers on Minna, a young girl who misuses her newfound ability to create and control other people's dreams to teach her bothersome stepsister a lesson.

The Great Bear (2011) 5.5

The Great Bear (2011)

Jonathan, 11, usually spends his vacations alone with his grandfather who lives on the edge of a vast forest populated by mythical animals. This year his kid sister Sophie joins him. But it's not cool to be stuck with...

Hodja fra Pjort (2018) 5.5

Hodja fra Pjort (2018)

Hodja is a boy from Pjort, who borrows a flying carpet to see the world. In return he has to find and return "diamond" to her grandfather. The all-eating Sultan wants to get his hands on Hodjas flying carpet.

The Kautokeino Rebellion (2008) 6.8

The Kautokeino Rebellion (2008)

Religious and cultural reawakening inspires rebellion in a 19th century Norwegian village.

I Am William (2017) 6.6

I Am William (2017)

William lives with his uncle Nils. His father is dead and his mother is mentally unstable. Nils retired early and spends his day buying and selling stuff at a favourable price. Nils owes some gangsters money and they ...

Amanda Knox (2016) 6.9

Amanda Knox (2016)

American exchange student Amanda Knox is convicted and eventually acquitted for the 2007 death of another student in Italy.

Lykke-Per (2018) 7.2

Lykke-Per (2018)

In the late 19th century, Peter Sidenius is an ambitious young man from a devout Christian family in Western Denmark, who travels to the Danish capital of Copenhagen to study engineering, rebelling against his clergym...

37 (2016) 3.9

37 (2016)

'37' is a powerful drama and a fictional account of the night Kitty Genovese was murdered in 1964, Kew Gardens, Queens, where 37 neighbors witnessed the killing and did not intervene. '37' examines the lives of a grou...

Land of Glass (2018) 5.7

Land of Glass (2018)

A children's fantasy movie about a friendship between a 13-year-old boy and a fairy. Jas finds a little girl and her grandmother in the stable at the end of the week when his parents leave him alone on the home farm. ...

Smilla’s Sense of Snow (1997) 6.4

Smilla’s Sense of Snow (1997)

Based on Peter Hoeg's bestseller, this film is set in snowy Copenhagen where a small boy is found dead after he fell off a roof. Smilla Jasperson, a close friend who lives in the same house begins to suspect murder be...

Cold Case Hammarskjöld (2019) 7.5

Cold Case Hammarskjöld (2019)

Danish director Mads Brügger and Swedish private investigator Göran Björkdahl are trying to solve the mysterious death of Dag Hammarskjöld. As their investigation closes in, they discover a crime far worse than killin...

Wild Witch (2018) 4.8

Wild Witch (2018)

"Wild Witch" is a fantasy film for the whole family based on the popular book series by Lene Kaaberbøl.

End of Summer (2014) 6.5

End of Summer (2014)

Shot on black and white super 8 film, 'End of Summer' is a hypnotic and slow-burning journey through the austere landscapes of the island of South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. Filmed as a series of mostly stat...

Arn: The Kingdom at the End of the Road (2008) 6.6

Arn: The Kingdom at the End of the Road (2008)

The Knight Arn is sent on a last mission against Saladin. He has to win this battle, before he can go home to Sweden, and finally marry his Cecilia and start a family. But the peace back home is threatened by the Danes.

I Will Be Murdered (2013) 7.2

I Will Be Murdered (2013)

Rodrigo Rosenberg, a well-to-do lawyer from Guatemala's elite, went out cycling one Sunday morning and was found dead hours later, shot to death by hit men. Days before he had recorded a video foretelling his own murd...

On the Edge of Freedom (TV Movie 2017) 6.1

On the Edge of Freedom (TV Movie 2017)

On the Edge of Freedom is a film about being young and fearless in the conflict-ridden post-Soviet. We follow two young roofers who, with no safety measures, conquer the tallest buildings and the deepest abysses in Ru...

Applause (2009) 6.6

Applause (2009)

When the critically acclaimed, tough and aging actress Thea Barfoed ends her rehab, she confronts a hard choice. During her heavy drinking period she divorced and lost custody of her two boys. Now she wants them to be...

The Sinful Dwarf (1973) 4.8

The Sinful Dwarf (1973)

Olaf and his mother run a boarding house and a white slavery ring. They also smuggle heroin to keep the addict girls happy so they do not try and escape. A young couple move into the house and the evil landlords take ...

Klovn Forever (2015) 6.2

Klovn Forever (2015)

Frank and Casper's friendship is put to a test, when Casper decides to leave Denmark to pursue a solo career in Los Angeles. Determined to win his best friend back Frank chooses to follow Casper ensuring an eventful t...

Pusher III (2005) 7.3

Pusher III (2005)

In this third installment of the Pusher trilogy we follow Milo, the charismatic Serbian (bad) cook slash Copenhagen druglord preparing the food for his daughter's birthday, attending rehab meetings from his drug addic...

Backstabbing for Beginners (2018) 6.3

Backstabbing for Beginners (2018)

In October 2002, twenty-four year old Michael Sullivan moves from a job in lobbying to one in the diplomatic corps at the UN, he getting the job despite he feeling the interview having gone badly. He comes from a fami...

The House That Jack Built (2018) 6.8

The House That Jack Built (2018)

USA in the 1970s. We follow the highly intelligent Jack over a span of 12 years and are introduced to the murders that define Jack's development as a serial killer. We experience the story from Jack's point of view, w...