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The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) 5.7

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972)

Young Australian, Barry McKenzie, travels to England with his Aunt Edna after his father dies and a request is revealed in his will.

Alice-Miranda Friends Forever (TV Movie 2019) 4.7

Alice-Miranda Friends Forever (TV Movie 2019)

The Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale Girls Academy is a place of friendship and fun, but also of high drama, mystery and intrigue: there's teachers and students in urgent need of help; a girl determined to be Alice-Miran...

A Racetrack Somewhere (Video 2016)

Investigating a blossoming network of backyard stables, dedicated strappers, trainers, jockeys and equine enthusiasts, A Racetrack Somewhere explores the vast Australian landscape, delving into the heart of some of th...

Bloody Hell (2020) 6.6

Bloody Hell (2020)

During a bank robbery, Rex, a fella with the habit of talking to himself/conscience, takes down the robbers and after several gunshots, he successfully secures the entire establishment but unfortunately the whole succ...

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette (2018) 8.3

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette (2018)

Australian comic Hannah Gadsby reshapes standard stand-up by pairing punchlines with personal revelations on gender, sexuality and childhood turmoil.

Thicker Than Water (2018) 6

Thicker Than Water (2018)

Orphaned, Ludmiller struggles to maintain the unity of her family, when her eldest brother D, a recovering drug addict, goes missing. Ludmiller's twin Susha and youngest brother Ivan are aware of the nature of his abs...

Sweet Talker (1991) 5.9

Sweet Talker (1991)

Con artist Harry Reynolds is released from prison armed with his partners research for a new scam. Harry heads for the dying town of Beachport near the coast of Australia where he cons the locals into investing big bu...

Samson and Delilah (2009) 7

Samson and Delilah (2009)

Samson and Delilah's world is small- an isolated community in the Central Australian desert. When tragedy strikes they turn their backs on home and embark on a journey of survival. Lost, unwanted and alone they discov...

The Man Who Sued God (2001) 6.5

The Man Who Sued God (2001)

Sir Billy Connolly plays Steve Myers, a lawyer who became a fisherman from frustration. When his one piece of property, his boat, is struck by lightning and destroyed, he is denied insurance money because it was "an a...

BoyTown (2006) 5.4

BoyTown (2006)

"Boytown" concerns a successful 80s boy band of the same name reforming their band in contemporary times in the hope that they can capture some of their former glory and that the fans will still be interested. Tommy, ...

Storm Warning (2007) 5.8

Storm Warning (2007)

On a weekend boating excursion, husband and wife, Rob and Pia become lost and end up in the most unlikely place, a thick brush filled marsh, on an island in the middle of nowhere. With their boat in disarray, darkness...

Book Week (2018) 5.9

Book Week (2018)

A jaded high school English teacher is forced to re-evaluate his life when his novel is passed over for one of his students.

The Square (2008) 6.7

The Square (2008)

Lovers Ray and Carla plan to burn down her house at Christmas, to run off with her husband's drug money. Ray has a side scheme going too, taking kickbacks on the love hotel project whose construction he's managing. Th...

The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989) 6.9

The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989)

The film's thin veneer of social propriety (the story of how the VietCong came under Hanoi's control) is merely a cover for a rolicking old-time battle tale, complete with a hard-tack sergeant, his rebellious sidekick...

King of the Coral Sea (1954) 7.2

King of the Coral Sea (1954)

Ted King, aided by Jack Janiero, is in charge of a company owned by Peter Merriman, reputed playboy, which he inherited from his father. Merriman decides to have a look at the company which is getting shells and pearl...

The Suicide Theory (2014) 6.6

The Suicide Theory (2014)

STEVEN RAY was never quite normal. But when the love of his life ANNIE is killed in a hit-and-run incident at a city cross walk, his violent and bizarre behavior becomes uncontrollable. One night, as Steven plots his ...

Breaker Morant (1980) 7.8

Breaker Morant (1980)

During the Boer War, three Australian lieutenants are on trial for shooting Boer prisoners. Though they acted under orders, they are being used as scapegoats by the General Staff, who hopes to distance themselves from...

Chopper (2000) 7.2

Chopper (2000)

Chopper tells the intense story of Mark "Chopper" Read, a legendary criminal who wrote his autobiography while serving a murder sentence in prison. His book, From the Inside, upon which the film is based, was a best-s...

The Furnace (2020) 6.6

The Furnace (2020)

To escape the outback, a young Afghan cameleer falls in with a mysterious bushman on the run with stolen Crown gold.

Frauds (1993) 6

Frauds (1993)

Story of the ways in which insurance investigator Roland Copping interferes in and manipulates the lives of others with outrageous games and gimmicks. Eventually he becomes involved in an escalating vendetta with a co...

A Few Best Men (2011) 5.7

A Few Best Men (2011)

After meeting and spending ten days together while on separate vacations in Tuvalu, twenty-somethings Londoner David Locking and Sydneysider Mia Ramme fall in love and decide to get married, the wedding to take place ...

Icemen: 200 Years in Antarctica (2020) 6.7

Icemen: 200 Years in Antarctica (2020)

A riveting story that captures the immense draw that Antarctica has had on dreamers, explorers and travelers alike over the last 200 years. Explorer Geoff Wilson attempts a challenge that may see him travel further th...

FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) 6.5

FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992)

The fairies live in a peaceful place in the forest called FernGully, which has been protected for many years by Magi Lune (Grace Zabriskie), a wise fairy with strong powers. Her granddaughter Crysta (Samantha Mathis) ...

Dark Whispers: Volume 1 (2019) 3.5

Dark Whispers: Volume 1 (2019)

A young woman inherits her mother's Book of Dark Whispers only to discover 10 disturbing tales within its pages. Starring Andrea Demetriades, Asher Keddie and Anthony LaPaglia, the Dark Whispers anthology is brought t...

Lost Gully Road (2017) 3.6

Lost Gully Road (2017)

Lucy travels to an isolated house in the forest to wait for her sister. They have worked out a risky scheme for their future and all she needs to do is sit it out. However a sinister presence may have something differ...

The Longevity Film (2019) 6.3

The Longevity Film (2019)

Kale Brock visits communities with improved life expectancies, low rates of disease and an extremely high quality of life well into the later years, for a deep dive into longevity culture and what it really takes to g...

No Witnesses (2021) 2.7

No Witnesses (2021)

One brutal home invasion, five murders, two detectives and No Witnesses.

Psycho Beach Party (2000) 6.2

Psycho Beach Party (2000)

Spoof of 1960s Beach Party/Gidget surfing movies mixed with slasher horror films. Florence Forrest, a not-so-innocent girl in 1960s Malibu, becomes "Chicklet", the first girl surfer at Malibu Beach. Only Florence suff...

Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops (2015) 6.3

Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops (2015)

In the clandestine research tower of a ruthless Japanese security and arms company, Saisei Security, scientist MALI awakens employed mercenaries killed in combat, their death giving rise to a new, vicious breed of zom...

Marco Polo Jr. (1972) 6