Chef (2017)

Chef (2017)

Released: 2017
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Genre
Director: Raja Menon
Starring: Svar Kamble, Padmapriya, Saif Ali Khan, ,
Run time: 133 min
IMDb: 5.7/10
Country: India
Views: 188327


Chef Roshan Kalra sets out to find the true source of happiness and reignite his passion for food while being more present in his son’s life.
User Reviews: When I saw Airlift, I saw brilliance in Raja Menon. He took a true story, added some fiction, and heart, and made the movie great. Then he got his hands on an already great screenplay of Jon Favreau, and instead of adding heart to it, he did a complete bypass surgery.

The movie was so sluggish, almost fell asleep in the middle. Songs made the movie unnecessarily lengthy. When yous see Jon Favreau as a Chef, you get the feeling of a burning premise about the love for cooking and food, and family as the accelerant. When Saif cooks, he looks like me when I’m attempting to make a decent omelette. At some point of the movie, you are actually going to forget what the movie is about. It’s like Saif was forced to do the film. He had no chemistry with the cast whatsoever specially with his boy, except for with Chandan.

After seeing the real Chef, you will feel a refreshing passion about being a Chef, reconciliation premise and family bond. And the remake will come to one conclusion, Saif needs an anger management class.

5/10 for the quirky sidekick and the amusing bus driver.


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