Chariot 2013

Chariot 2013

Released: 2013
Genre: Drama, Movie, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Brad Osborne
Starring: Brina Palencia, Ian Sinclair, Anthony Montgomery, ,
Run time: 87 min
IMDb: 5.1/10
Country: USA
Views: 63142


Seven strangers wake aboard a passenger jet in mid-flight, with no idea how they got there – and no idea where they are headed. Cut off from the cockpit and with a dying smartphone as their sole source of communication, they learn the U.S. is under a devastating attack… and they might be the only survivors.
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User Reviews: I’ve never taken time to write a review here on something along the lines of this type of film. I will hope that my attempts do not spoil this.

An unknown 727 flight with seven passengers on board who wake at nearly the same time. We are taken on a trip at 65,000 feet with these individuals who rather quickly expose their personality types and the view can easily see how each effects the outcome.

The Secretary of Transportation, Government Contractor, IT Expert, Master’s Degree Student, Language Specialist, House-wife and a Truck Driver. Interesting, diversified group. What could they have in common?

Cole, the first to wake from his drug induced sleep, becomes the leader of the passengers and the misfit as he didn’t belong to the "group". I liked his character and found him to be a believable individual and a likely leader due to his even temper and levelheadedness.

Sadly the strength of the other participants, to included the remaining three individuals, are weak, but are supported by a script that seems to be lacking depth. Confrontations are cold, unfeeling, unrealistic and even seem stiff at times.

The premise is a good one and one that I enjoyed. For a 90 minute film, it did keep me watching due to the story line and I was interested to see how it played out, although I had it nearly pegged about halfway through.

I believe it ended properly. In fact, I am happy that the director and writers decided to end the film the way it did. Had this ended any other way, I think it might have ruined what was already a not-so-great movie.

A watchable film and somewhat likable flick.

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