Backstabbing for Beginners 2018

Backstabbing for Beginners 2018

Released: 2018
Genre: Drama, History, Movie, Romance
Director: Per Fly
Starring: Belçim Bilgin, Ben Kingsley, Theo James, ,
Run time: 108 min
IMDb: 6.2/10
Country: Denmark
Views: 23601


In October 2002, twenty-four year old Michael Sullivan moves from a job in lobbying to one in the diplomatic corps at the UN, he getting the job despite he feeling the interview having gone badly. He comes from a family of diplomats with both his father and his older sister having served – the former who was killed in 1983 in the US Embassy bombing in Beirut – and thus feels it is in his blood, his hope to make some difference in the world. He is assigned to be the assistant to Costa Pasaris – Pasha – the Undersecretary to the Oil for Food program, the largest ever humanitarian program in the organization. The program is to have Iraqi oil sold at market value with no proceeds going to the regime of Saddam Hussein, in exchange for food and medicine to the Iraqi populace who have suffered under that regime in Hussein filling his own coffers instead. Pasha quickly begins to see Michael as a trusted and valuable aide for the program, particularly against naysayers, especially internal …
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User Reviews: It’s predictable but interesting enough to see it through. Fails to name names other than the usual sacrificial scapegoat major organisations toss out to the wolves – I.E. press and public. The U.N. is generally considered a useless talking shop, but there’s literally billions of pounds sloshing around it’s various departments. This film retells what is the tip of the iceberg, add in national foreign aid programmes you understand why certain leaders of poor countries end up with more income than the nations GDP. To paraphrase Churchill, capitalism is awful but it’s the best we’ve got. I do agree with others who mentioned the pointless even annoying expletives used by the Kingsley character. Some points yes it would have been effective, but you end up thinking is he some old school mafia boss or a U.N. under secretary.


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