American Rickshaw 1989

American Rickshaw 1989

Released: 1989
Genre: Action, Horror, Movie, Thriller
Director: Sergio Martino
Starring: Victoria Prouty, Daniel Greene, Mitchell Gaylord, ,
Run time: 93 min
IMDb: 4.7/10
Country: Italy
Views: 31370


A Miami college student finds himself framed for the murder of an evangelist’s son. He hooks up with an Asian witch and a stripper to find the real killer and clear his name.
User Reviews: When seeking fame and fortune as a movie star, a change of name is sometimes advisable. Take Mitchell Gaylord, for example: he’s hardly got the kind of name that one would naturally associate with a cool tough guy persona. Unfortunately, Mitchell only saw fit to shorten his name, to Mitch Gaylord, which somehow sounds even worse.

Still, even if he had changed his name to something a lot less effete, I still doubt his film career would have amounted to much with incomprehensible crud like American Tiger on his resumé. As Italian z-grade nonsense goes, this is amongst the worst, with an utterly nonsensical plot made all the more confusing by the muddled direction and editing.

Mitch plays rickshaw driver Scott Edwards, who finds himself framed for the murder of Jason Motom (Gregg Todd Davis), son of a popular TV evangelist (Donald Pleasance, seriously slumming it). Scott attempts to clear his name with the help of a stripper (Victoria Prouty), and an old Chinese witch (Michi Kobi), but his every move is dogged by the real killer (Daniel Greene), who is searching for a key that will lead him to a magical statuette (that looks like Pumba from The Lion King).

Crappy action, dreadful dialogue, risible special effects, and numerous moments that seriously defy description, American Tiger is one for dedicated bad movie buffs only.

2/10. Half a point for Daniel Greene’s massive torch, a half point each for Prouty’s itty bitty titties, and another half point for Pleasance turning into a pig at the end. Yes, he really does!

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