A.K. 1985

A.K. 1985

Released: 1985
Genre: Biography, Documentary, History, Movie
Director: Chris Marker
Starring: Akira Kurosawa, Chris Marker, Shigehiko Hasumi, ,
Run time: 75 min
IMDb: 7/10
Country: France
Views: 64962


A documentary that shows the production of Ran and discusses the film techniques of Kurosawa himself.
User Reviews: I got the Ran DVD and this was packaged with it. i thought it would be great because this is from Chris Marker director of La Jetee. how wrong i was this is boring pretentious filmaking at its best. if you like long takes of a tape recorder and an old man walking round who we are told on numerous occasions that he has impeccable manners then this is right up your ally. Avoid this you could probably learn more about the making of the film from watching it. this provided no insight in the world of Kurosawa all i know about him is he has impeccable manners or have i mentioned that already… But anyway just because you are a competent filmmaker doesn’t mean your a competent filmmaker about filmaking. Oh and PS Akira Kurosawa has impeccable manners!

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