33 Postcards (2011)

33 Postcards (2011)

Released: 2011
Genre: Crime, Drama, Genre, Music
Director: Pauline Chan
Starring: Claudia Karvan, Zhu Lin, Guy Pearce, ,
Run time: 97 min
IMDb: 6.2/10
Country: China
Views: 120298


Mei Mei (Zhu Lin) a 16 yr old Chinese orphan dreams of nothing more than being part of the ‘perfect’ family. When her orphanage travels to Australia to partake in The Australian Choir Festival Mei Mei takes the opportunity to find her Australian sponsor Dean Randall (Guy Pearce). However what she finds is far from what he depicted. Initially mismatched and disconnected the two begin a journey in search of belonging, family, redemption, love and acceptance.
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User Reviews: First,while the film is not-rated I would give it a rating of PG-13,because of some of the subject matter. The film does a beautiful job of demonstrating how people have a universal desire to be a part of a family.It’s a sweet story how two people who are separated by thousands of miles can still effect one another greatly.Redemption,purpose, and life’s ongoing search to love and be loved are strong themes throughout the film.While I did enjoy the movie,I would have liked to have seen the film-makers give more attention to the earliest years in the orphanage and the hardships Mei Mei had to endure. Overall,you’ll come away from watching 33 Postcards feeling happy.

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